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I am looking for this Durango Decal

From : james1549

Q: max wrote right especially since you jumped in this thread from nowhere havent posted in aadt that much and one of your more notable posts was bitching about the off topic discussions. perhaps your needs and emotional stability require that you randomly complain about something stupid thankful for the fact that i dont post that much. dont want to...dont need to. i would have doubts about my actual social life if i spent countless hours each day arguing and getting people to think in aadt. thanks...if i ever want to piss half my life i way ill know who to model myself after. and since this group is and will always be unmoderated...perhaps ill just k&n filter lol your ass out because too many of your threads are clogging up my screen! my mistake...i knew i shouldnt have started in on a conversation with a person who has his display preferences set to tack on a signature slogan at the end of each post. two other group regulars do that too...go research it and marinate on it for awhile. ive wasted too much time on you... good day! .