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I Need Help With a Code "PO320"

From : mwb

Q: 91. roy dec 2 830 am show options from roy - find messages by this author date fri 2 dec 2005 103034 -0500 local fri dec 2 2005 830 am subject re accident report reply | reply to author | forward | print | individual message | show original | report abuse how about making the punishments fit the crime if you demonstrate you cant drive responsibly then you dont get to drive legally. drive illegally and you go to jail. and no plea bargans. drive illegally and you go to jail kinda steep for speeding dont ya think hate to be involved in a accident in your world what would the penalty be death if more than 50% at fault roy whats wrong with punishments that fit the crime someone decides to get drunk knowing full well hes got to drive home afterward. on the way home he hits and kills someone. what punishment for that roy i dont know about here in nc but in nj that was vehicular manslaughter. i say its a form of 1st degree murder with a random victim and the states punishment foir 1st degree murder should apply . . .and yes ive been a drunk in my past. first degree requires intent and most drunk drivers dont get in their vehicles with the intent to kill someone however im in agreement with you that the punishment should be severe. -- if at first you dont succeed youre not cut out for skydiving .


From : mwb

just those that fight to reduce sentences. if it aint cruel and it aint unusual then it aint punishment. budd .

From : tom lawrence

when i first got licensed here in ga i was 16. took the full test driving everything. we didnt leave the parking lot. the hardest part of the test was the eye test. like i said before. a joke! yep... same here in nj. heck im sure glad they made sure i could parallel park without dinging another vehicles bumper or scuffing the curb before handing me a document that qualified me to operate a 26000lb vehicle in heavy traffic at 65mph well 55mph back then at night. .