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How much ATF in Dakota 5 spd. w/ 4.7L ?

From : scruff

Q: can anyone tell me where to look for my reverse light switch on my 98 q-cab. it is 4wd and has a 5-speed manual transmission thanks in advance. not to give the obvious answer but its on the transmission passenger side towards the rear. it screws in. .


From : sackiss

i have a carter 9636 thermo-quad carburetor in my 81 dodge motor home on a 440ci engine. here is the dumb question a few inches from the fuel inlet nipple towards the back of the carb and on same side of carb is a similar nipple that angles slightly down. currently i have a vacuum cap on it. - what the heck is that nipple/inlet for it appears to be the same diameter as the fuel inlet. i appreciate any help. matt .

From : nitpik

if you decide to replace mopar has a 3yr/36mile part and labor warranty on reman parts no matter who puts it in. but have seen many senders fail check pressure with a manual gauge or replace it and hope for the best. have also seen plugged pick up screens. what is the oil level intake plenum gasket leaks causing oil consumption mopar has updated metal pan gasket and bolts. old gasket was paper. good luck bryan i have a 97 ram 1500 5.9l with 164k miles on it. ive had no major engine work done except for lifter replacement at about 40k. the truck has been maintained exceptionally well with all fluid replacements slightly before recommended intervals. im currently experiencing some issues with dropping oil pressure when idling which could be due to a bad sending unit have not replaced yet. i do get some lifter noise for about 2 seconds on startup but other than that no noticable problems with the engine. with 164k miles it is becoming more sluggish but thats to be expected i suppose. id posted a question to the group yesterday and a couple of people recommended a rebuild. in your opinion with 164k miles would i be better off paying for a rebuild or trying to find a low mileage engine 50k miles or less in a wrecked truck to replace the current engine with. can anyone offer some guidance on what i should expect to reasonably pay a good shop to rebuild my engine if i go that route thank you! jason .

From : iamgoode

yep. dak 318 and ram 318 will use the same wires. i doubt they make anything that will use the funky plug. personally i hacked my plug off and extended the coil wires farther back solder + sealant + shrink tube + black tape toward the distributer and mounted a round type coil on an l-style bracket to the drivers side rear fuel rail hold-down bolt. my coil wire is 9 long now. much better pictures before i got my new coil wire and still ghetto-spliced into the harness http// yeah its a ford-style coil clip out of my old 78 e150. js ok i checked with the autoparts place msd does not make a prepackaged wire set for the 99 dak 5.2... i have been told i can just tell them i have a 97 ram 5.2 and they will fit. is this true also does msd make an oem replacement coil for the 99 dak something with just a little more juice than stock im not looking for drag racing just a little more spark. you know to accommodate that blower im getting this fall .

From : sackiss

brake fluid should be flushed every other year or changed to a silicone based fluid. silicone based and dot 3 should not be used together. i dont recall seeing that in the fsm. thats because it isnt there. but as the number of responses that affirm my opinion shows it doesnt have to be in the fsm to make sense. i have yet to see brake fluid break down. lol. ok. if it is contaminated with water it will turn acidic dot 3 dot 3 is acidic right out of the bottle thats why it feels warm on the skin and eats paint. and the trick there is to keep the system sealed. yup thats a trick alright. put seals down in the water from puddles drive through water even rain water on the highway and youll soon see that keeping those seals in perfect condition is indeed a trick. better yet use a better type of fluid. since you havent thought that fluid needs changing ill bet your truck still has dot 3 in it doesnt it as far as engine oil it is under much greater abuse and exposure then trans fluid was in the older transmissions. that is debatable. no it isnt. then you are just plain ignorant of trans conditions. agreed and that was my point exactly. then why didnt you say that instead of trying to bs yourself gee i wonder why i wonder why myself. again if you dont know you are missing the obvious. once again you only see half of the point. the drain plug on the pan is nothing without a spin-on filter instead of the one in the pan. bullshit. you just dont like getting trans fluid on your computer soft hands. if the fluid and filter requires the level of service that you and gary suggest then not making it easier to do is just screwing the customer. hardly. most customers wouldnt think of servicing the trans themselves. perhaps they should remove the spin on filter and drain plug from the oil system as well. for some guys they might as well. fleet owners often save money by sampling oil and changing only when contaminants reach damaging levels. hell on the locomotives i worked on years ago the filters lived inside a housing and the drain valve was at the bottom of the sump...... on the inside. we changed oil only when oil samples indicated a need for it. but then changing 75 gallons of lube oil on a whim isnt exactly economical. i bet they saved all of $.05 on each pan. iow its not exactly gonna make or break them one way or the other. a drain and spin on filter would cost much more then $.05. a drain plug retails for about $2 at the mass quantity dc would buy them its just pennies installed. the spin on filters ive seen listed for the 48re and the 45rfe are about the same cost as the filters i use in my 47re. bfd. btw imagine that a redesign of the trans and suddenly its got a spin on filter just like the allison. the primary reason the prior atods from mopar never got one was that the trans front section was the same one from 1965 or so till 2003. max spam filters why purify an undesired substance .