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How do I remove my dash??

From : ice

Q: http// dodge viper srt http// cars site .


From : m g

sight glasss for a 134a system is pointless.. if you think its low its recover and recharge to factory levels... hi guys i traded off my 93 gcaravan for a 01 durango last year. my caravan had a sight glass for the freon level which proved to be very helpful and effective. i looked all over my durango and cant seem to find one. have i overlooked it i was hoping dodge would have continued the nice feature. james1549 .

From : john hunsaker

thanks. the tranny has a stage 2 kit in it... chirps quite nicely going into 2nd. 2. is it just me or is 75% of the real throttle response only when i mash the pedal the truck is quite gutless only until i press the pedal pass the 3/4 mark. it barely squeels from a stop if i floor it. im not use to this these trucks are really heavy for the engines they were putting in them then. to get better mpg they give you not much hp early in the throttle but plenty of torque for pulling loads. at wot youll get the gas-sucking hp you like but still its a heavy truck. 3. tranny was just rebuilt but the shift points are really low. can someone fill me in on what they should be. maybe this is normal as well but need to know. if i floor it she zooms to the 4000-4500 mark. normal everyday driving she shifts at like 1200 and hits 4th o/d by the time im at a measley 65km/h. do yourself a favor find a good tranny shop and have a good shift kit put in. the truck will shift a lot harder and feel almost like the tranny is breaking but in actuality the tranny should last much longer assuming the kit is put in correctly. .