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Hood air intake noise

From : r l hurst

Q: what is involved in replacing the head gasket removing the head .


From : r l hurst

whats qc the truck im looking at is an slt standard cab w/ short bed and clamshell style rear fenders. does it weigh 5700 lb why no i hadnt heard about rough road handling problems. where did you read about it how does the dealer explain the 11.1 mpg new engine tightness shouldnt matter that much should it i dont like the sound of that.... has the hemi engine casued a jump in your insurance premiums ive had mine for 2 weeks now i love it. 2003 qc 2wd hemi 20 rims all power . i got it for $22500. the window sticker says 14 city 18 hwy but i am getting 11.1 so far. that will increase a bit in a few thousand miles. it is definitely a fast sucker its hard to believe a 5700 lb vehicle can get to moving that fast. i am still getting used to very gently pushing the accelerator when i first pull away so that i dont spin the freaking tires. it handles great too. only negative thing which im sure youve already read about is that it skips around rather violently on certain road conditions. i live on the outskirts of a large city and the 2 lane roads out here have many spots where the asphalt has been patched up. when i ride over a series of those at 50+ mph i have to have both hands on the wheel to keep from flying off the road. yes i could slow down a little but i have 345 hp in front of me. my dealer quotes the 21k for an slt which is a far cry from a stripper. it has all the bells and whistles i need. any comments on the hemi i believe it came out in mid-year and replaces their guzzler 5.9l. the only criticism ive heard from trucker types is that it gets power and performance from higher rpms than competitors. do i care you cant get a hemi for under 22000 around here. and at that price you get absolutely nothing in the way of conveniences. its a 4x2 2 door swb stripped down vehicle. my 94 v-6 dakota is tired and wants to live elsewhere. i like the new ram equipped with the 5.7l hemi but know little about it. ill haul next to nothing but ass and it seems willing for such work. any downsides or recommendations im looking in the 21k price range.... tia.... .