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Hitch Trailer Hitches

From : ron mcneil

Q: on sun 06 jul 2003 221836 gmt exit wrote why is all this bollocks so political in the us because on one hand you have a political party that has been somewhat neutered in the last couple of years that basically believes the way to salvation is to triple the tax on everything. and on the other hand you have another political party that believes to a degree that individual freedoms are more important than whatever boxer feinstein pelosi and hillary new gang of four have to say. petrol is $5 a gallon here in the uk and very few people care what you drive. that truly sucks. you ought to do something about it. well we could stop providing free health care for everyone and then remove the duty from petrol with the money weve saved. its hardly free if you have to pay $4.50/gallon tax on gasoline to get it is it but my american friends pay more per onth for healthcare than i do for petrol so i guess id be worse off! im sure there are other subtleties etc. our health care system has problems due to the lawyers and frivolous malpractice suits. nevermind. i know where this is going. .