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Hissing at startup & under heavy acceleration

From : yabahoobs

Q: bill dunkenfield wrote white trash = black trash i dont know of any black serial killers. i do remember eric robert rudolph. jam i invite you to watch the local here in the dallas/ft. worth area for just 1 night. 9 out of 10 times they show a suspect that got caught on video tape commiting a crime they are black. used to be years ago that the casters would put out a description of a suspect in a crime. example mid 20s black male 6 foot 150lbs. not anymore. either they are too worried about the so called black community playing the race card or they know that most viewers already know the suspect is black. just watch the surveillence tapes just one night on the local . there is a huge difference between a black person and a nigger. i have several black friends. its the niggers i have a problem with. if that term hurts your feelings than so be it. i refuse to use the term african american. not a damned one of them was born in africa. however if they want to keep killing each other than so be it. as i said earlier its just a form of crime prevention. bob .