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Hemi ThunderRoad

From : james1549

Q: you can use anything with an appropriate or cg-4 ch-4 for diesel. for gear lubes - gl-3 gl-4 or gl-5. its wisest to pick the viscosity grade closest to the average ambient air temp where you will operate the vehicle. in any event untill and unless the product you use is shown to have caused a failure and is so stated in writing which has to be done to void a warranty and the parts are available for inspection and analysis you have no problems. many dealers sell oddball viscosities that they specifically recommend because they are not readily available elsewhere. so you buy it from them at quite inflated prices. for example the difference in the performance and protection of a gl-4 75w-85 and a gl-4 75w-90 is negligible. try to find the 75w-85 anywhere but directly from a dealer mopar part # 04874459. -- mark r. hansen be patriotic! energy & money!... check out americas oil - amsoil - at http// . visit our group at http// not always.......use the wrong oil and it will not be under waranty. tom i bye royal purple and take it to the dealer when i have my truck serviced. your warranty is ok as long as you follow dodges recommended services. it cost a little getting the oil done every 3000 miles but i think its worth it. jay thanks jay i certainly will check it out. my big worry is my warrantee. i guess im in trouble if i dont use mopar but i figured that daimler-chrysler would have a harder time of fighting me if i used a major brand like mobil. -- tom m you might want to also take a look at royal purple synthetic oil. they are used by large trucking fleets one that i know of is arrow trucking in tulsaok. they go 50000 miles between oil changes the normal for a semi is 20000. if you need to get a service done on the road you can try the flying js travel plaza shops. i use royal purple in everything on my dakota. i pull a 27 foot camper fully load around 5000 lbs. i push this truck hard and i have had no aftermarket parts added so far no problems. 2002 dodge dakota club cab 4.7l auto 4x4 3.92 gears. a & a auto stores inc. 2921 walnut street harrisburg pa 17103 717-233-5600 or 717-233-7810 meineke 3098 paxton street. harrisburg pa 17111 717-561-0140 or 717-561-5006 flying j 1501 harrisburg pike carlisle pa 17013-7301 i-81 exit 52 717 243-6659 need to find out where i can purchase mobil 1 synthetic gl-5 gear oil 75w-140 or 80w-140 either locally harrisburg pa vicinity or internet/phone. for my rear axle on my dodge ram 2500 cummins ho 4wd. i tow a trailer 8 months a year. also does anyone know how oil much this rear differential takes tia -- tom m .


From : joe

its a pain in the ass the first time you remove the filter those dodge guys must enjoy cranking them down without any kind of lube. the next time will be relatively easy as long as you lubed the gasket. also one word plastics as in use a plastic ziploc type bag for future removal prevents spillage and makes disposal easy. i use a socket type filter wrench that plugs onto a 38 rachet w/extension. dump the drain plug and get a fram suredrain part# sd-2. makes draining the oil a breeze. no more drain pans! i just place the drain hose into a laundry detergent bottle. wayne - 2000 dak qc 4x4 4.7 auto. .