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Hemi Headers

From : moparman

Q: on 6/25/03 0418 jacob suter wrote max the plain fact is the pump in my case on a ford a4ld wont be pumping the fluid out of my torque converter. itll still be sloshing fluid around which would keep the bushing lubricated. and oh if you havent ever noticed before - the torque converter sits on the flex plate therefore it shouldnt place much if *any* strain on the bushing unless something else is worn out... should i go on youre just being irrationally anal. its your trans but dont go badmouthing somebody over shit you obviously dont understand. js i need to do this job on a 98 explorer soon but im dreading it and keep putting it off. i want to try one of the methods described at http// and put new fluid in as fast as the old stuff comes out. the last variation by greg j says the return line can suck new fluid in from one container as the out line pumps out into another. is that true or should i pour it in through the dipstick tube .


From : redneck tookover hell

but there is a big difference between proper maintenance and paranoia. yeah your definition and our definition. max spam filters why purify an undesired substance .

From : matt kinsinger

on fri 27 jun 2003 214932 -0500 scanman wrote dodge sure does not win the ease of maintenance award! i just changed my oil & filter at 1540 miles on my quad cab. 55 minutes later a bloody arm a broken filter wrench and a lot of cussing! i could not believe this crap! the crossbar is right above the drain plug allowing no room to use a ratchet on the 13mm metric bolt. it was super tight! the damn filter is inaccessible from the bottom or from the top without being a contortionist. then it was on so damn tight i broke my filter wrench as i was just getting it loosend! after draining the oil and changing the filter then i had a hell of a time even getting the oil filler cap off. i ended up using a pair of channel lock pliers to get it off. this is just rediculous! i love the truck but i sure wont be doing any oil changes on it anymore! i would even be afraid to take it to anyone but the dodge dealer to do them cause they will certainly damage something trying to do it especially those fly by night quick places! i went to the dealer today and purchased a 60000 mile maintenance contract which includes 20 oil & filter changes lubes checks etc. at 3000 mile intervals. it sure is worth the money and lack of frustration i exeperienced today! just wait & try to do it yourself youll see what i mean! - now all you will have to do is leave it at the dealer for three days each time you get serviced. and when you get it back it will be all but distroyed. beekeep .

From : reddragon

and this relates to chevy trucks how and this relates to camaros and firebirds how good riddance to another fucking terrorist!!!! well seeing that this is a chrysler sebring group not much but it brings joy to my heart knowing hes dead butthat just means a more careless trigger happy terrorist is takeing his place. wish the isrealies would just finish the job. keep giving them your tax dollars and im sure they will. .

From : tom lawrence

i recently installed shorty headers on my 2003 ram. i put an o2 sim on the post-cat sensor and my check engin light is on. the code reads p0038 and that is the pre-cat sensor i was told. how can i remedy this situation nope - p0038 points to the heater circuit on bank 1 sensor 2 which is a post-cat sensor. if you have a ca emissions package and have four sensors its the one on the drivers side if you have a federal emissions package then you only have two sensors and its the one post-cat. your o2 simulator is probably working correctly on the sensor circuit but isnt providing the proper amount of voltage and/or resistance on the heater circuit. question - whyd you need to mess with the post-cat o2 sensor just for a set of headers or did you yank the cat out as well .

From : marsh monster wrote i recently installed shorty headers on my 2003 ram. i put an o2 sim on the post-cat sensor and my check engin light is on. the code reads p0038 and that is the pre-cat sensor i was told. how can i remedy this situation ======== ======== move the sim to another o2 sensor and see if the code changes location as the sim changes location. if the manufacturer. or...... check the ground and feed circuit on the harness youre plugged into now. either or. marshmonster .

From : olaf

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From : marsh monster wrote yes sir ======= ======= the title for tom....... i work for a living. mm .