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Help replacing TCC on Dodge Caravan

From : the gaylord

Q: hell might kill em both and just hang out here. wanna try my smith line em up and one shotll get them both...... denny .


From : the gaylord

05 ram 1500 daytona tried the key on/off four times and then lock/unlock doors .

From : tom lawrence

the torque clutch control and this word is spelt wrong i guess solonoid.... the van has a problem that as soon as its in gear it locks and shuts off ive done the diagnostic and bought several manuals but not one of them show me how to get into it i know its behind the drivers side front wheel but thats it. anyhelp would be great thanks jay anyone got any ideas on how to get into the tcc on a 95 dodge caravan just to clarify.... what exactly do you mean by tcc i think i know... but i gotta ask.... just to be sure .