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From : marx family

Q: dont confused the reformed lds with the formerly known rlds reorganized church of jesus christ of lds church which is now called the community of christ and based in independence mo on thu 24 jul 2003 131258 -0700 pdt eldon jons wrote nate wrote bigamy was not against the law at that point and when law was passed making it illegal they dropped the policy. frankly i dont see the problem there. i think its also fair to note that the reason they practiced bigamy to begin with was because so many of their men had been killed by other religious fanatics who hated them based upon nothing more than religious differences. actually it is polygamy in utah and the reformed lds church rlds still supports the belief. although it is not supported by the lds church thousands still practice it. since the sister wives arent recognized by the government as being married our tax dollars go to support many of them and their kids. you get 3-6 of these wives living in the same house and the benefits add up. no wonder the polygs as they are called can afford to drive brand new $40000 vehicles. the mormons didnt abandon the practice until it was realized that the us government wouldnt grant statehood to utah as long as they were breaking the law. suddenly brigham young was told by a message from god to abandon the practice....probably the same messenger that told joseph smith to take multiple wives when the religion was formed lol! it is a religion like any other religion....based on certain beliefs written and interpreted over the years. so long.... eldon ; http// http// rather b. beachen .


From : mike simmons

if you want a great discussion of mormonism try the ng. has a bunch of die hard anti mormons and pro mormons fighting it out. its hard to get any intelligent information out of it. on thu 24 jul 2003 202818 gmt nathan w. collier wrote actually it is polygamy im having a little trouble of understanding the difference in polygamy and bigamy. the reformed lds church rlds still supports the belief. in all fairness though thats like trying to hold the catholics responsible for something the protestants do. they broke off from the mormon church and therefore their actions should not have any impact at all on the mormon church. they are an entirely different church. although it is not supported by the lds church thousands still practice it. thousands in the actual lds church or in the multiple churches that formed after breaking away from the mormon church it is a religion like any other religion agreed. rather b. beachen .