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Help I need a picture!

From : duane

Q: peter wrote in usa it really makes no sense. europe is totally different matter - there is reasonable number of lpg filling stations and its almost 2x cheaper than gasoline please define the expression 2x cheaper and/or write the mathematical equation for that statement. bill putney to reply by e-mail replace the last letter of the alphabet in my address with the letter x .


From : budd cochran

what carb thermoquad or the more likely quadrajet did you mess with the airdoor settings on either one is the choke working properly does it do this only when cold is it worse or better when the engine is cold/warmed up did you install a single ballast resistor with the points distributor did you use a external ballast coil what did you set the points at why did you put in ancient technology in place of a very good electronic distributor how many miles over 90k and you need to probably replace the timing chain. does the engine get fully warmed up when driven is the thermostat working the heat riser valve is the electric choke hooked up and working budd cfay wrote about three months ago my 86 dodge pickup with a 318 4 barrel died and would not start. eventually i installed a points distributor and now it will start run and idle with an occasional hesitation. when i try to drive it it will go for a few seconds and then want to die. i have to give it a lot of gas to prevent this from happening and then it will go again for a few seconds and then it repeats. it is almost as if it is driving down the road bucking but not quite that bad. my first question is if it has something to do with the new distributor if possibly it is just not compatible or i didnt know something that i