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Heavy duty alternator amp output at idle?

From : ignoramus25883

Q: harvick will overcome paint boy this week in the winston cup standings. the 17 will dnf saturday night! dodge only has one car in the top ten. that will be all at the end of the season as well. beekeep .


From : redneck tookover hell

extra point for cummins for making their so quiet..... i take points away--i want it to rattle. one of the reasons i got mine in 99. its noisy smelly and obnoxious. ;^ .

From : nitpik

yea i agree. hobos and bums are now the homeless. that denigrates those who are truly homeless because of circumstances other than not wanting to work. don d. don your statement about carburetion is correct however the modern term is fuel management. i guess carburetion aint sophisticated sounding enough anymore... ^. i.e. technicians are no longer mechanics.... girlfriends/boyfriends are now significant others.... gawd i hate that term...... well you get the idea.... mike you are obviously confused with carburetion day at indy speedway those cars dont use carburetors either your definition is obselete the subject of your original question is non existent also ie it does not happen carburation is defined as the process of mixing the correct proportions of liquid fuel with air to achieve combustion. this happens on any vehicle that uses liquid fuel. i no - i am not confused with carburation day. i never even heard of it. the definition of carburation is a fact. a carburetor is a device. carburation is a process. if you mix fuel and air regardless of the method it is carburation. the subject of my original question is also a fact. the statement was probably erroneous but someone on this forum did mention that it happened at 8000 miles. i mentioned in my original post that it may have been a tongue-in-cheek statement and it was probably more than that. forget about my question and i will forget about your obviously misinformed statements. don d. .