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Heater motor

From : bob newkirk

Q: i was changing my wheels from the oversize ones that came with my truck bought it used to normal size wheels. ive changed 3 tires but 1 i cant get off because one of the 8 lug nuts is stuck on the lug. the oversize tires lug nuts use a special adapter that goes inside the lug nut american racing wheels to turn it off the lug. the problem is worse because it is not only stuck but now the lug nut has cracked so the adapter turns freely inside. what are my options can i drill it out anything to watch out for would a tap help also can i drill all the way through the bolt then what this is on the driver side rear wheel will i damage the brakes maybe i need an arc welder to just burn the lug and bolt off sorry for all the questions but i going crazy over this. please post reply. .


From : tom lawrence

i have a 97 dodge dakota i installed dual exhaust and was wanting to know if anyone knew of some simple power mods that can be done to give my weak 3.9 a little more power i saw a spacer that goes between the air intake and the intake manifold in summit catalog that claims a power increase has anyone in here ever installed one of those and recieved the claimed power increase would a hotter ignition coil help maybe thanks ! i have the 2 spacer in my 318 1995 4wd slt and i also put in an msd coil dual exhaust mopar hp computer and k&n filter. the biggest gain was in fuel economy that went from 13mpg average to 17mpg. highway milage is almost 18mpg but not quite.......-. torque increased quite a bit too with it not shifting much on small-medium grades when towing. i just went over 172000 miles and it still runs great with no oil usage. these modifications have been installed since it was at about 50000 miles and the savings in fuel alone has paid for them several times. what did you spend for the mods you listed. was the k$n a drop in or did you get the whole thing after the exhaust system which may vary a lot depending on where you live i would estimate about $1000-1200 us. i got the k&n airbox and filter made for dodge trucks. ed .

From : pirc

thank you. it just sits there then engages and off i go. i take my foot off the brake and it may or may not move. eventually it will. sometimes a quick blip of the accelerator will get it to move other times i have to wait for it the apply throttle. seals or sealing rings in the rear clutch are shot. .

From : jmc

in responce to marsh monster s post. i thought everyone should know on jul 30 1229pm chris thompson wrote in responce to marsh monster s post. i thought everyone should know ===== ===== steve n wrote good morning 2001 dodge dakota has the abs light and the brake light on. . any idea what i should be looking for to figure this one out... steve ======== ======== a code marshmonster sips his crownncoke.......hopes he passs the test and gits his patch wery helpful marsh ; to answer the guys question in reality the most likely and common cause of this is the rear wheel speed sensor in the top of the axle housing. i think its a $30 part. -- chris- hide quoted text - - show quoted text - ============= ============= chris in reality you didnt answer the guys question. the guys question was what should he be lookn for.......well...... the first thing to look for on a computerized system that has set a the code. ; reality.......he could jest chunk parts at it i reckon till the problem goes away. after all.......speed sensors dont cost much..... do they very helpfull chris ; marshmonster washs the shit off a shroom.......drops it in the boiling water.........mmmmmm........this could be a good batch wow bash me twice im so honored. -- chris .

From : tom lawrence

rust. my stainless steel kitchen knives dont rust so why should this are your kitchen knives constantly exposed to heat acids and moisture on one side and water and road salt on the other rust is the result of oxidation of iron. stainless steel although containing a fair amount of chromium and nickel is still mostly iron. .

From : tom lawrence

on jul 30 637 pm bigironram wrote interesting! right hand drive too...i wonder where it might be from the guy was from australia but i cant be any more specific than that.. speaking of australia.. i would love to get my hands on a 265 hemi six! well you could be in luck. this one has been up for auction several times with no bids check it out. http// .