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Heater Core? 2000 Dakota

From : cigarski

Q: well think what you want i only gave you the advice off of 15 years experience so i guess you know more then i. do you think the chilton manual would have this sort of info in it because from what ive read on other posts in other groups hardwiring worked better. thats been my experience. i currently use an xm myfi with a hard-wired fm modulator and i have absolutely no complaints at all with the sound quality. be that as it may if i cant easily get access to the radio in my car then all this talk is moot because i dont really want to pay a lot for someone to do something that on the surface seems so simple. you dont necessarily need to take your radio out. in fact an 02 durango probably has the newer chrysler antenna connector on the radio which isnt compatible with the gm-style plugs on most fm modulators. behind the passenger kick panel you should be able to access the antenna wire and here you will find a gm-style male/female disconnect this is where the wire from the antenna connects to the wire that goes to the radio. you can splice your fm modulator in here. remove the glove box and you have plenty of room to mount the modulator stuff the excess wire and run your sat antenna wire. .


From : billy

team how do you get to the back of the instrument cluster to change a bulb thank you ed k .

From : beekeep

on tue 25 oct 2005 200450 gmt tbone wrote did you do a compression check a sticky valve likely wont show up on a compression test. a worn guide usually wont either. nor will a bad lifter in many cases. .

From : cigarski

031538 gmt wrote the lynyrd skynyrd song sweet home alabama is supportive of racial segregation right oh dont be deliberately stupid. the south has been trying to shake off that whole image for years now. every now and then someone with a vested interest in keeping racism alive jesse jackson and al sharpton being the most publicized exampleswill spout off about it and get people all riled up for no good reason. the neil young song referenced in the skynyrd lyric made it sound as if such things were still occurring. skynyrd were basically dissing neil young for dredging up those embarrassing chapters when most folks here would like nothing better than to put it all behind us. ive lived here all my life and have never witnessed a cross burning or lynching or any kkk activity of any kind. there are of course occasional exceptions but the perpetrators end up doing hard time in the big house.most of us with the exception of a nearly-nonexistant minority of hardasses who pose no real threat to anyone except when theyre drunk would like to greet the future without that particular millstone around our necks. were not all potbellied tobacco-chewing rednecks here and anyone who says otherwise is just as guilty of racism and profiling as someone who throws around the word nigger carelessly. all that shit was yesterday. this is today. tomorrow hopefully will be even better. gtt .

From : nospam cox com

my wife bought me an 05 ram daytona. silver 4x4 quad cab. i wanted yellow or a mango truck; but this works! i have the following for my 98 ram for sale grey catchall front carpeted mat set - left/hump/right cipa towing mirror extensions receiver hitch replacement kn air filter truxedo loprofile tonneau cover- shortbox i will sell for best reasonable offer + freight. otherwise will ebay it. the new ram needs a few accessories..... .

From : tom lawrence

big bucks. 1000.00 - 1500.00 is about right depending on the faclity. 8hrs labor quoted by 2 shops. mine stopped with a can of bars leak but i bought the shop manual anyway for when it has to be done. check the floorboards and carpet for stains passenger side and under the carpet for damp. mine leaked off the frame rail below the passenger side. thought it was a/c drip for a long time. good luck is it possible that the pump may be going again and the odor is coming in from under the hood certainly possible... you may be pulling air in from the fresh air vents. run the heater in recirc mode and see if you still smell it. if you do then its most likely a leaking heater core. has the heater core been an issue not especially but some do go bad. how much can i expect to pay to have the heater core replaced by the local dealer unfortunately lots... probably upwards of $1000. youre looking at an evac/recharge of the a/c the cost of the core itself dealership gets about $150 for these and probably around 5 hours labor as the entire instrument panel needs to be removed. id try a radiator stop-leak product first especially if its a small leak and since you dont see any coolant dripping out of the floor vents it probably is. .

From : don grant

budd cochran wrote i think just about everyone has had something fix itself or become functional without the repair being the correct repair. to me its just one of the things that keeps life interesting. it happens sometimes. other weird things happen to me too. when ive rebuilt an engine i take all the bolts nuts washers etc. and fill up several coffee cans. then i reassemble everything and somehow have a coffee can of unused stuff left over. dang engine runs fine for years and nothing falls off....weird!! lol .