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Haven't Changed The Oil In Maybe Two Years

From : Annonymous

Q: tbone wrote putting all of your eggs in one basket is idiotic but i think that you are more motivated by greed than intelligence. why risk money in the market when yopu can just taker it from your employees. who is putting all eggs in one basket what the heck are you trying to say here tbone investing in the market is investing in companies. why is another company not greedy to invest in but investing in my own is greedy do you have a 401k setup or are you just packing your money in the bank with the knowlege that you should be able to continue collecting your full salary until the day you die. you make no sense at all. if i make money by investing in my own company you say im taking from employees and am greedy. if i make money by investing in someone elses company youre all ok with that! fyi yes i have many investments including 401k. do you think that these tax charities have no cost of operations they are in most cases higher than the government costs because the government already has its infrastructure in place. youd be wrong! the government has never been very efficient at anything it does. of course not but if they are close to a tax bracket the small donation could yield them a much higher gain in lower tax payments rofl...please give an example here tbone. if i make $1 over a bracket boundry you think a bunch of my income is suddenly taxed at the higher rate it doesnt work that way but thanks for the laugh. .


From : markansas859

i guess fifty years from now well be buying al qaida made vehicles and tvs. beekeep .

From : steve lusardi

1986 ram b-250 8 cylinder with approx 70000 actual miles. rusting faded conversion van. ill sell it to ya cheap--if interested let me know. driven very infrequently/sporadically. lets say that ive put only 5--10 thousand miles more or less on it since the last oil change and the air filter replcement at least 2 years ago. ill give you $1.98 for it when you drive it down to me in arkansas .

From : robert cohen

yeah dei does make a lot of the alarm/remote start set ups out there. we use trc and warlock. both of there high end set ups include the basic alarm door lock ignition kill and remote start plus an fm based pager with about a 1/2 mile range. as an installer i would never recommend that you do this yourself. you are looking at about a 3 hour job and they are not easy. you will have to cut the starter wire for it to split the relay as an example of part of the installation the first thing i have to ask is what type of tranny do you have in most places there are legal aspects you must consider before you install a remote start on a manual tranny. it is against the law in some states to do this. as for brands i would not recommend anything from dei. we have used them in the past and had less then a 50/50 satisfaction rate.