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Has anyone changed the door lock motor on a Dodge?

From : tomkat

Q: been having a problem for a long time on my passenger side door. sometimes the motor will open or close the lock automatcaly when i use the remote on my key fob to turn on/off the alarm. driver door has no problem. sometimes i can hear the motor whine but it does not push the knob up or down. dread having to replace the motor myself as i do not know what is involved and how hard it would to take the motor out and replace it. let alone the cost of a new motor. would prefer to get a used motor if possible. has anyone changed one on their own and was it easy or hard any tips how much for a new motor .


From : brad

the motor is built in the latch so u take off the door panel remove all the linkage to the latch may have to move window channel to get out remove 3 bolts most latches have to be adjusted to open right .