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HEMI engines?

From : ignoramus8786

Q: on sun 06 jul 2003 194148 gmt exit wrote why is all this bollocks so political in the us because on one hand you have a political party that has been somewhat neutered in the last couple of years that basically believes the way to salvation is to triple the tax on everything. and on the other hand you have another political party that believes to a degree that individual freedoms are more important than whatever boxer feinstein pelosi and hillary new gang of four have to say. petrol is $5 a gallon here in the uk and very few people care what you drive. that truly sucks. you ought to do something about it. i love to watch morons rewrite history. .


From : aj

papa smurf wrote scrape at mindspring dot com wrote in on mon 07 jul 2003 083721 gmt exit wrote i dont doubt the figures but surely this is precisely what would be expected in a rich economy and dare i say it be desirable from both a social and economic perspective. from another post of yours a little further down i bet you dont - im a right wing conservative. small & large c those two statements dont support each other. i suppose they could from a socialist viewpoint. tell me exit what beliefs of yours seperate you from your more liberal countrymen we dont use the term liberal in the same perjorative sense as you chaps do as the 3rd political party in the uk is the liberal party. when *i* say liberal it is usually perjorative because so many of their beliefs are an anathema to me and as one relegated to being on the losing end of those beliefs ie one capable of obtaining a lifestyle worth stealing from a certain resentment builds up. i dont the word is perjorative on its own. the beliefs and moreso the execution of those beliefs are abhorent to me that doesnt mean that if one believes those things they should mind being called a liberal. i am a conservative and proud of that fact. i bristle slightly at being called falsely a republican because that has all the religious baggage that has nothing to do with what i am. if those ideals were mine though id embrace the label happily. i think liberals dont like being called liberals in much the same way a thief hates being labeled a thief. i am separated from my more socialist countrymen by my beliefs in the free market low taxes and low public spending. perhaps the difference between my views and the dogma you appear to represent is that i am willing to accept any parts of socialism when they are proven to work such as the nhs. oddly i would embrace nhs if it were truly for everyone and not the way it would be set up here which is to say on the backs of those that produce. but to my way of thinking someone has to pay for it. either everyone equally which is essentially a huge forced insurance policy - ie the healthy pay for the sick or it is taxed based the rich pay for the poor or is socialized the companies forced to produce for way less than market value. none of these options work for me however the first option is how we handle car insurance in my state and these the lesser of three evils. the best alternative personal responsiblity - everyone handling their own bills - is completely out of favor and seen as grossly unfair to those not personally responsible -- democracy is two wolves and a sheep voting on what to have for dinner .

From : moparman

in a post i made regarding my deciding to go with 4.7l or hemi 2003 ram i received several emails saying to never buy a new model/generation engine. assuming you would inn effect be a guinea pig for all the problems the new engine will need twekaed. is this a myth i would suspect it makes some sense logically. i bought the hemi without considering this fact. love it...... so far ;^ is there anyone who has put a lot of miles on their hemi yet todd ive got 21000 on my 2500hd hemi no problems runs like a bat outta hell and tows my 11000 pound 5th wheeler as fast as i want to go. there was really never ever wrong with the hemi except for items that fuel injection cures and the two spark plugs per cylinder. this is the best truck or car ive ever bought and in my 51 years on this planet thats alot of vehicles. -- moparman----remove clothes to reply... scud coordinates latitude 32.61208 degrees north longitude 96.92995 degrees west depth 17.35 inches .

From : moparman

on sun 06 jul 2003 204007 gmt exit wrote forgive my lack of knowledge of us political parties as i am an englishman - i take it the democrats are the very right wing party and the republicans are the even more right wing party nope. youve got it wrong. the democrats are the socialists and the republicans are the liberals. .

From : moparman

on sun 06 jul 2003 204007 gmt exit wrote forgive my lack of knowledge of us political parties as i am an englishman - i take it the democrats are the very right wing party and the republicans are the even more right wing party nope. youve got it wrong. the democrats are the socialists and the republicans are the liberals. from what vantage point are you viewing libertarian .

From : speeker

well we could stop providing free health care for everyone and then remove the duty from petrol with the money weve saved. but my american friends pay more per onth for healthcare than i do for petrol so i guess id be worse off! most of us americans get ourselves a skill or an education then go out and get jobs and get our own health care taken a look at the unemployment stats lately i didnt think so..... %%%% why not the mexicans are able to do it!! i havent been out of a job in 36 years! i have multiple skills from flippin burgers to medicine including farming and building houses. its funny sometimes when someone is complaining about not being able to find work ill offer then a job. suddenly its not a job they want but a certain type of job they are looking for. theyre not out of work theyre out of their particular job. if i was out work id take whatever job i could find to feed my family. and of course being self-employeed id have no choice as i am inelible for the unemployment ive been paying into all these years. luckily ive never spent beyond my means and always based my businesses on solid reality not wishful re greedy and risky speculation. so its always been there for me. %%%% i have several college degrees. i have people regularly tell me that their parents didnt have the money to send them to college. mine didnt either. at the ripe old age of 23 i got hurt at my well paying job as a heavy steel worker and was soon unable to do it any longer due to 4 broken ribs a dislocated shoulder a dislocated hip a deranged knee and a broken ankle from a 360lb steel beam that fell 2 stories. i ended up working in a factory for $3 hr. with a disabled pregnant wife. an illiterate monkey with 2 days training could have done the same job. after my son was born i quit my factory job and enrolled in college and went for the next 5 years. i worked before school and at night after school. i ran paper routes pumped gas flipped burgers and worked on farms. anything to support my wife and get an education. i do not have any patience with anyone that says; i cant! not one day did i eat from food stamps or collect a welfare check. i ate many meals of wild game with greens that i grew in my flower beds or beans grown in an abandoned dog pen. a country boy can survive!! .

From : deno24

thats some good info. ive checked all the brake clutch and ebrake switches and all seem good. how do i test the abs sensors i think theres one on each wheel hub or something like that. it depends on whether you have four-wheel abs or rear-wheel anti-lock. do you have a big pump with brake lines running to it sitting on top of the drivers inner fender wheel or do you just have the master cylinder and a little thin black box mounted vertically next to it if you have the pump you have four wheel abs and have three speed sensors - one on each front hub and one in the rear axle on top of the differential. testing these is difficult for the home mechanic - you need an ocilloscope or a factory diagnostic computer. if it turns out you have rear-wheel antilock only things get easier. first you only have one sensor - in the rear differential. secondly being a 96 model year you can do some basic computer diagnostics. find the 16-pin connector at the bottom of the dash underneath the steering wheel. take a piece of wire and ground pin #13 black wire to the lower dash frame. the abs light should flash a code at you - first one long flash then several short flashes. count the flashes and post back what you get do it a few times and make sure you count the same number each time. im actually betting you get 11 flashes - indicating the brake switch is always on. the abs light will come on when you hit 40mph. this would also explain why your cruise fails to engage. .

From : roy

hello hello i think you need to find another tech to work on your van. all the technicians who worked on your van did not do one important test. it is fuel system delivery and control test ie fuel pressure fuel volume flow injectors flow injector balance fuel quality. all of following problem will cause the pcm to set misfire code bad fuel pump low volume air bubble restricted injectors dirty fuel water contaminated or rusty fuel tank ... high carbon deposit in combustion charmber use borescope to check poor #5 injector wiring leaking at injector and a lot more. i would do injectors cleaning prefer motor vac service and engine top cylinder cleaning first the recheck. tree round ten - help! $4000 is a lot to but into this van. it is only worth around $4500 in good condition. i am suspicious of the diagnosis that the van needs a new engine. it runs ok. not perfect but no oil usage no smoke idle is little rough but runs smooth at speed. p0305 code usually shows up with a couple of days after resetting the computer. i have certainly driven vehicles that run worse. if i leave the code reader connected to the engine i never see the mis-fire condition. the problem is almost always the same p0300 along with p0305. once p0306 was also found but this was a typical. not fixing the problem is not an option since this is an obdii inspection area. i am willing to try miracle cures...... regards ed white .

From : ram3

tim miser wrote in no question your mileage may vary. ive got the 8-way too and am always tweaking it to see if i can find a magical sweet spot. hey ram^3 do you have any complaints about your truck so far i really am happy with mine and with about 12000 miles on it so far im still waiting for one of those little issues that might need some warranty attention. ive never had any new vehicle go this long without something rearing its ugly face. ; well tim we must have found the sweet spots on the seats - after getting the tire pressures adjusted. when we picked up ours 3500 laramie qc drw 4x4 4.10 lsd ho 48re jacobs e-brake most of the options wed noticed a bit of a bounce but had to some extent expected this for an unladen truck with stout springs. when i checked the tire pressures the first time i found that they were set backwards 40# front and 55# rear. no wonder that thered been a rough ride. i reset the tires to 55# front and 40# rear per owners manual and the ride improved radically. when i got my easyrider fifth-wheel hitch installed the added weight in the bed provided further improvement. when i hitch up our 37 14k# gvwr rv this truck really comes to life and the ride is fantastic - even on the roughest roads. i attribute this both to the pin weight spring compression and the hitch isolation of truck from trailer movement and trailer from truck movement. of course this is exactly what we expected! running the tires at max 65# f&r when unladen will bounce you around. itll also wear out the center of the tread. as to complaints no! it did throw a code once that the dealer reset. although ive kept alert to the tsbs the 2003s havent produced many - far fewer than previous years. perhaps ive been lucky but most of my gotchas have come much later in the vehicles lives - usually long after the warranty period has expired. back to the seats for a moment - we found that for us lowering the seat all the way then tipping it back a bit really helped a lot on the roughest roads heavy truck traffic on main roads badly graded gravel roads off-road etc. by spreading the impact area. think of a recliner or an executive type of office chair vs. a dining room chair - youll be a lot more comfortable with it tipped back a bit and any bounce wont be transmitted straight up your spine. on the worst roads its like having a massage feature - for free. do we love this truck absolutely! .

From : trey

why remove it the next time i get a truck it will be a new body style and the bed dimensions will most likely change. provided i get the same kind of truck. plus the spray-ins add to the resale value. most of them come with a lifetime warranty too so if they are ever damaged they will fix it. as for a drop in i just saw one come flying out of a truck today on the freeway. yea but how do you remove the sprayon bedliner i highly recommend the spray-in bet liners. sure you cant drop cinderblocks on it from a two story building. but they are pretty darn tough and keep the bed in better shape then a drop in. on tue 08 jul 2003 003035 -0400 mopar man wrote is it possible to have all of these items installed and work together - putco stainless steel bed caps and rails - cargo box preferably plastic - tonneau cover retractible 2001 dodge ram long box sure get an under-the-rail bedliner not an over-the-rail for starters. duraliner makes one. the front rail and tailgate covers are included but you can just cut them off if you want the redneck-chrome trim all the way around. most of the tonneau covers just clamp on anyway. doesnt matter if you have rails on or not. .

From : ram3

since a group is by nature an open forum i just wanted to voice my opinion on the topic of the 4.7l sohc engine. i have seen a lot of people bash that engine in the ram 1500 quad cab. one poster even suggesting that it is useless at pulling a load in excess of 2000 pounds. i have to wonder if this is opinion or that said posters have actually driven a ram 1500 qc with the 4.7. either that or the automatic transmission dodge is putting in these trucks is a total piece of shit. for what it is worth i have a 2003 dodge ram 1500 quad cab slt 4x4 with the 4.7l sohc engine the 5-speed manual transmission and 3.92 gears in the rearend with the limited slip option. i have had it for 1 month now and have about 4200 miles on the odometer. over the last month i have averaged 15mpg in daily driving it has actually been improving as the miles passed the 2000 mark and the one trip i took to virginia earned me an 18.7mpg. i have a 3200 pound 20 boat and trailer combination that i tow with it regularly and have no trouble maintaining 70mph or better even on a grade. yes i do have to shift a lot to keep the engine in the meat of its powerband and 5th gear is usually out of the question when towing unless the road is completely flat or downhill. as yet i have only two complaints about the truck 1 i find the way the rear end hops at the slightest bumps unnerving dont give me that its a truck crap either my 2000 chevrolet silverado extended cab didnt do this why should the dodge 2 the goodyear all-season tires that came on it suck they will be replaced shortly. so to all considering a truck like this if you know how to drive a stick get one. i have had no power problems with this motor and tranny combination. in fact it is quite quick provided you are not squeemish about revving it to 5500 rpm before shifting. this motor is quite flat below 2000 rpm. in fact it doesnt really wake up until 3000. just my 2 cents but i am quite happy with 4.7l and the 5-speed manual. it is a good combination. i am considering the jba shorty headers volant cold-air induction and a borla exhaust system. if you believe the power gain claims on for these components my truck should be around 300hp with these additions. well see. also centerforce is working on a replacement clutch for this. a centerforce clutch doesnt make anymore horsepower but allows you to put more of it to the rear wheels. ill let you all know how it works out. -- steve - fuquay varina north carolina .