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HELP, major tune up gone bad? 96 Dakota.(Long)

From : Annonymous

Q: i did buy the moog parts. i am going to replace the upper and lower on both sides and both tie rod ends. ....... 91 dakota from john letendre hi all! i have a 91 dakota 5.2l 4-wheel drive. it just flunked inspection. not emissions but the upper and lower ball joints are gone and tierod ends. im going to do the work myself. any suggetions on problems i might encounter or any tips to make things easier or less frustating thanks john ...... john out of curiosity where do you live is suspension checked as part of a state inspection program and if it do they check it as far as your repairs... you may want to rethink the ball joints. i would suggest you call around and get 2 or 3 prices on replacing them and then price the balljoints at a parts store. i would highly recomend using moog brand ball joints if you use aftermarket parts. i would highly suggest staying away from trw parts. moog is top quality on durability and fit. i have seen many many many trw parts that were just installed come into the shop for an alignment and the balljoints already have some play in them. just a suggestion. are you changing all the ball joints and all the tie rods my reccomendations would be different depending on what all your going to replace. the tie rods are simple enough the ball joints are a little trickier. ..gibson6string.. ================================ .


From : tom lawrence

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From : raina

what is the 5.7 hemi 0-60 on a ram 1500 anyone know. still around 9 secs dont know how you figure that but i have run my 03 hemi truck down the 1/8 mile track running stock tires and hi test gas i run solid mid 8s at about 90 mph i have a little wheel spin at the line so someday i might try it with slicks may get into the low 8s then stock 03 with the swb black i know it eats the 5.0 m- tangs lunch every time thats the best part of the whole night !!! joe .

From : tom lawrence

was crusin back from the shore yesterday and the engine temp starts climbing. pull over and antifreeze is pouring out around the fan. i refill the radiator/res and limp off the high way. a flat bed aaa shows up 2 hours later and takes me the 50 miles home. my question is is it normal to only get 60k miles from a water pump before this had a 94 s10 blazer and sold it @ 130k with the original water pump. anything i could have to done to avoid this thanks anthony .