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HELP - 1999 Cruise Broke

From : dodge3500

Q: lol the last part reminds me of my brother when we were kids. he learned he could throw a flame under the covers at night. he only did that once though. although the host is closer to forest gump than carrol shelby here is a handy video on how the injection system of a 24 valve dodge cummins diesel works other diesels similar in theory. the video is ripped using the latest windows media player codecs. if you dont get video or if it fails for whatever reason update your codecs by opening your windows media player and clicking help and then check for updates updates are free. i recommend you right click and save as instead of attempting to stream. http// link will be dead tomorrow morning. -- nathan w. collier 03 jeep rubicon jeep and let jeep http// .


From : miles

on sat 28 jun 2003 224107 gmt denny wrote http// check this out. kinda makes the ole cummins look like a tinker toy!! denny and id like to see the battery that turns it over! beekeep .

From : ralph

hola! about to hit 75000 on this baby. i have a warranty that runs out at 75000. everything is running great...but are there any things that i should look at in particular before it flips i plan on taking it to the dealer this week with the ol give it a good once over and see if you see anything. thanks! er .

From : ace

i understand that there is a software recalibration available via the engine computer which requires an aftermarket device to connect to the wiring harness. anyone been through this procedure where can i get this device also what are the approximate axle speed vs road speed limits which can be compensated to 100% accuracy by this method best regards martin .