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HD failure

From : yum

Q: fuel drain back. turn on key wait till the check engine light goes off. then turn off key and wait 5 seconds. then turn on key and wait for check engine light to go off and start engine. it shouldnt stall. inventor. .


From : ajfoot

papa smurf wrote papa smurf wrote papa smurf wrote papa smurf wrote scrape at mindspring dot com wrote on sun 06 jul 2003 204007 gmt exit wrote forgive my lack of knowledge of us political parties as i am an englishman - i take it the democrats are the very right wing party and the republicans are the even more right wing party nope. youve got it wrong. the democrats are the socialists and the republicans are the liberals. democrats are socialists to be a socialist like tony blair or karl marx you need to believe in state ownership of big business. actually thats too much work for them they just believe in taxing it into submission. so no then. id put it down as a sort of. its not that they dont want it its just that they screw up each company that they try this one. they cant do it out right so its a lot of smoke and mirrors regulate everything so tightly that it might as well be run by the government ironically california calls this deregulation. but do they believe in it and lust for it i think so. so they have actually tried a compulsory purchase of a national industry which then subsequently failed as i said previously anything antithecal to vast majority of the public is never do straight out in this country. so rather than buy a company outright they set rigid limits on what it can charge and set up a billion rules it must comply to. essentially running the company through legistration rather than by direct hand. so its not like in a socialist cou ntry be we were refering to what they believe in and desire. ahhh i see your definition. in truth nationalisation really involves the creation of a state owned monopoly which would mean for example your govt buying every electricity company in the us lumping them all together and calling it american energy inc or similar. what you describe seems to be simply heavy handed remote control. i agree that it is mere shadow of what you describe i offer it nearly as insight into their wishes and desires as the actions you describe are currently still against the law in terms of the power of the government. i see of course govts can always vote themselves some new rights! a command economy. well i skipped this because im not sure what this means and im too lazy to look it up today. sorry - its an economy where the govt control the means of production. admittedly here we have only reached the point of the govt limiting and undermining the means of production. redistribution of wealth. big time. top 50% of wage earners pay 96.09% of income taxes hmmm. . . . . .could you elucidate please. the top half of all american wage earners pay almost all income taxes. nope that probably didnt help. damned irs moved everything around again ill have to go with this link http// i dont doubt the figures but surely this is precisely what would be expected in a rich economy and dare i say it be desirable from both a social and economic perspective. i dont feel like debating that at the moment. but my point was that the libs are for ever higher rates on the top tax brackets more people on the bottom paying ever lower amounts of taxes and more and more social programs for those unable or unwilling to help themselves. so clearly they believe in and are very efficient at redistribution of wealth. out of interest here low earners pay about 22% income tax and the top rate is 40% even for millionaires - and everyone gets an annual tax free allowance of around $8000 before they start paying tax. how does that compare with the us tax system currently on a federal level state and countries add their own income and other taxes which vary enormously from state to state. alaska actually has a negative tax rate several states have no state income tax and some are heavily taxed. massachusetts is currently 6% and rising the top rate is 37% it was a high at 71% under carter the bottom rate is 15% but that really doesnt tell the picture as 37% pay no tax at all many are actually given money a wonderful wealth redistribution tool called tax credits and as i stated before the top 50% pay 96.09% of the taxes. and then several types of income are taxed completely differently and some are taxed twice. our system is absurdly complex mostly to keep the lawyers employeed and make sure everyone feels like a criminal which makes them easier to control. one interesting aspect of our revenue system is you can ask 50 different irs agents the same question and get upwards of 50 starkly different answers this has been done and documented. but you can see with this kind of a spread on revenue nhs on a tax basis simply is a another aspect of wealth redistribution. yes that is very complex indeed. i earn twice the national average and get to keep around 70% of it which i consider fair in a physically