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Gurgling heater core

From : fmb

Q: mine did not effect the plug swap at all. just ignore. i am ready to change the plugs on my 01 ram with the 5.9l engine. it looks like there is some type of thin shield or tube around each plug. are these just pressed on the plug i tried pulling one off and it does not seem to want to come off. with it on it looks like the wire boot will be a problem to get off. thoughts .


From : indi

i just installed a 1 1/4spacers/adapters on my car 94 new yoker and as i was taking one of the nuts off the old lugs it stripped. as i was trying to put the nut back in the lug to hold the spacer it was hard to go in and it wouldnt go all the way in and since it had to so that the wheel would sit flat against the hub it heated up and broke. now i got the spacer with 4 lugs but the the wheel has all 5 bolted on to the spacer. is this a big problem or can the wheel come off or can i drive it like that for a while thanks. .

From : james1549

i recently purchased a 2001 dakota and absolutely love it. i am finding this group to be very helpful. how can i find out what date the warranty expires it has 26k miles so im alright there. i may get to 3 years before i get to 36k miles so i need to know when the 3 years are up. .