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From : gf

Q: so tell me mr idiot who gave you the right to drive did you find it in your box of captain crunch this morning afaik there is not a single state in the us that gives you the right to drive. the federal government does not give you the right to drive. i dont give you the right to drive. in fact none of the previously mentioned entities including myself a taxpaying voter can give you the right to drive ... because it is not a right it is a privilege. licensing is done to protect innocent bystanders to control access to those with the in theory proper training and with the responsibility to obey a set of regulations intended to protect the driver as well as the public. let me have your opinion on a few things would you want just any old drug pusher wino or kindergarten dropout dispensing drugs to you or a loved one would you want an untrained high school drop put doing your heart bypass surgery do you want anyone of any age or skill level or lack of same operating vehicles without any regulations rules or laws and not have to face charges of vehicular homicide when they run over your miserable chaotic butt oops!!! i guess you do or you wouldnt have posted such anti-social nonsense. btw yes i have received tickets i even lost my driving license for a period of two years. thats just part of being a responsible adult or a responsible citizen. the autobahn essentially has no speed limits if you just want to drive fast. or theres that big salty area north of me called bonneville. however both have rules you have to abide by and licenses required to drive on them. gee too bad. budd fred koschara wrote chaotic drivel snipped .


From : thewanderer

i have a 2003 quad cab ram 1500 4x4 slt 5.9l and was wondering if there are any suspension lifts out there for my truck. the only one i have found is from rancho. are there more skyjacker makes one as well. they featured it a couple of weeks ago on trucks!. superlift also has a system out. heres a link to a place that sells both http// .