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Grinding Noise

From : ryan hagen

Q: i used to run a led light set from sho-me i forget what it was called but they were about 1 by 6 easily concealed when not running and showed well during day or night these lights are avail in clear red and amber. i bought them locally from a company called vitco. ill see if they have a website. they deal in emergency service equip and saftey equipment. as a responder / emt for our local department we are allowed to have strbe or speed flash on vechicles when responding to the station. i have an 05 ram daytona. does anyone know of an easy way to make flashers / hazards and or lights strobe on these pleasse send product location site or instructions. i run a couple of lights on my pov. i have a roof mounted mini bar twin halogen rotators made by svp there are strobes in the tail lights and a pair of red halogen wig wags in the rear window. in front i have added wig wag ambers with added strobes. on the way to a call/station i run the light bar and wig wags. once there i switch on the strobes. the strobes are powered off a second battery in case its a long call. since i get to wear a few hats on calls it comes in handy to have all of them. mini bar is http// strobes are http// wig wags are controlled by http// the front lights are older fog style lights. the rears are halogens i got off ebay. ----== posted via - unlimited-unrestricted-secure usenet ==---- http// the #1 group service in the world! 120000+ groups ----= east and west-coast server farms - total privacy via encryption =---- .


From : leroy

lessee . . .ifn you freeze them and ship them out then theyre the same as what i get at the grocery . . .besides they have a legal limit as to how many the store can have in the freezer at a time so there is less danger of destroying the atmosphere in one fell . . . .fart. budd .

From : bob m

bigpapi wrote my dakota is recently overheating since i installed a new thermostat it ran perfect all summer without a thermostat i replaced the radiator water pump and all of the hoses when my heater is blowing hot air the truck does not overheatbut as i am driving the blower all of a sudden starts blowing cold air and then my engine overheats very rapidly i tried replacing the thermostat twice allready but i have the same problem. i need help please!! roy and tom already gave the probable reasons. many people here in arizona remove the thermostat during the summer thinking it isnt needed. i tend to think thats a bad idea and others will hopefully concur. there is no thinking about it. removing the thermostat is a very bad idea. al .

From : frankbernier shaw ca

is there not a diagram on the cross piece in front any more i also need help .

From : frankbernier shaw ca

jerry wrote nathan w. collier wrote choosing not to stop before exiting a parking lot onto a very busy city street is negligent at best. bullshit......... the local walmart where i live has no stop sign or a painted stop on the pavement at their exit before the street and i exit there all the time without stopping first. why should i.... there is a and if you hit someone youll probably be cited for failure to use caution in starting or however your local state phrases the concept that drivers entering from minor roads need to yield to drivers in major roads. ive always thought that motor vehicle laws should be more like marine right of way laws. the over-riding rule is that you are supposed to do everything possible to avoid a collision. just because you collide with a boat that was supposed to give way to you doesnt mean youre entirely off the hook. did you slow down did you radio him did you make it clear to him what you were doing i think theres more than a few accidents caused by people who simply know they have the right of way and aint going to give it up to anyone. smh .