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Gas prices not going down

From : gordo

Q: the return line goes to the lube circuits and is there some suck there or is it pushed from the output side i reread this topic in the explorer group and its conclusive the explorer trans doesnt suck. looks like jacobs heres how i do it... is the way to go. a few seconds dry is nothing plain bearings hold oil longer than ball bearings anyway. .


From : fmb

... .......... ignorance caused it. .gibson6string.. ...... way to add something useful to the discussion. .

From : sewmun

dick wrote you didnt say anything about checking fluid level do it. if its not low you may have pump overheating or a bad pump. hey guys i have a 2000 dodge dakota sport 4.7l v8 4x4. about a year ago i was involved in a 3 car pile-up..i was the last to hit and my front-passenger side got smashed...the body shop did a superb job of fixing it and all has been well since then. recently in about the last 2 months my truck started feeling a bit strange. the front end almost felt a little loose but not loose in the steering wheel. its hard to explain..almost like the suspension in the front loosened up. at times its almost unnoticable but for example when im on the freeway it will very slightly pull to one side..and its not the slope of the road. another thing i noticed is in the morning when i start it up and make a u-turn in the street the sharp turning causes it to make sort of a clunk sound as if something was shifting underneath. after a while i got used to this and somewhat forgot about the oddities that my truck had acquired so last night i thought it would be funny to run one tire over a small mound of dirt maybe a foot high. as i was driving back to town it seemed fine but suddenly i noticed that when i would take slow turns the power steering was sort of go out. i tried pulling into a parking lot and while making turn the power steering was totally out. i rolled over to a parking lot lamp and popped the hood and noticed absolutely nothing. my friend was turning the wheel back and forth hoping i would possibly see something...nothing. he said it seems fine to me. i closed the hood and got back in the truck...the power steering was back and worked perfectly...although the drive home yielded some strange feeling in the wheel it worked fine. do you guys have any idea what could be causing my problems thanks for the help!! yes this weekend i did fill some more of the fluid and it made a huge difference. what i still wanted to know about was the oddities of my front end as far as the clunking is concerned. any ideas .