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Gas Mileage C/C vs. No C/C

From : don d

Q: have you heard the new cummins diesel i heard one yesterday not a showroom model but a contractors truck. and wow! it puts the duramax and new powerstroker to shame. crash wrote im cross-posting here to try to solicit your opinions on the type of trucks you drive. im in the market to buy a new truck and am just now starting to compare my choices for the pros and cons. im considering the dodge ram 2500 ford f-250 and the silverado 2500 all 4 doors. i would like to hear from those that already own these models as to your likes and dislikes and also what you wish it had or didnt have as far as features and capabilities. look very carefully at the very small price difference between the f-250 and f-350. i assume other brands also exhibit a similar structure. i own an f-250 and will never buy another. the price to move up to an otherwide identical f-350 is less than $1000 for an additional 1100 pounds of gvw. also diesel vs. gasoline. if you intend to haul or tow anything substantial consider a diesel. if you intend to drive the new truck for quite a number of years consider a diesel. my f-250 is equipped with the 7.3 liter diesel and i love it. i intend to keep the vehicle for 10 years or more i.e. 250000 miles or more. i keep a vehicle an average of 8 years and the previous diesel i kept for 13 years and 210000 miles. however the early ford 6.0 liter diesels had very serious very expensive problems. the current production model seems better redesigned injectors. the 04 version is expected to offer yet another improvement. the gm duramax is only a little older than the ford 6.0 liter i.e. a relatively new engine. the cummins in the dodge is a well-proven engine but of an eariler design generation. it isnt nearly as quiet as the powerstroke or duramax and doesnt meet the same pollution requirements as the other two. thanks for your help and input. danny bob -- bob peterson bbs dialup 972 403 9406 to 53333 v.34/x2/v.90 bbs telnet web .


From : djr

the trade-off would be that i would have to really pay attention to my foot on the gas pedal and concentrate. ahh...theres the trick. might not be so hard to do if youre rolling along by yourself but throw in a wife and kids in the truck then..... .

From : josh

lol could that site be any more right wing. it figures that you would know about it and probably believe every distorted word. -- if at first you dont succeed youre not cut out for skydiving the definition is at yep fits you what exactly makes people enviro-wackos .

From : paul jensen

i got this 1990 d150 with 318 and 3 speed auto after verifying through old service receipts that it was the real thing. it came from a small town and the owner used it rarely but regularly so i was told. paid 4200 because it is in almost new condition and as far as i can tell it really has only 19000 miles on it. it drove well when i tested it out but the front brakes stuck as i was driving it home creating a terrible stench complete with puffs of smoke from the wheel. i took it to a dealer and now will spend an additional 800 on fixing brakes. mechanic says beware at first because the truck may have more problems as a result of being idle for awhile. does anyone have any advice or experience with this sort of thing i thought i was getting the deal of a lifetime since the truck has such low mileage. how many miles can i expect this truck to go it has been fairly well maintained as far as i can tell. the previous owner kept all records and seems to have done the necessary maintenance. sitting idle can cause problems. check your tires for rot and flat-spotting and i would change all the fluids. im sure others will add to this list. you may indeed have a gem but you cant take a vehicle like that and just get in it and start driving it. .

From : djr

hasnt happened to me. but i read about a few people on that had warped rotors on 02-03s. btw do you have 20s seems like i read that everyone has 20s that gets the warped rotors. not for sure. j smith wrote has anyone else had problems wih the front discs on these trucks warping in 15000 miles i would like some input before i go down and make a scene. thank you. .

From : don d

any body using this oil as opposed to mobil 1 rich -- proud parents of sgt orrdevin b. saepe expertus semper fidelis fratres aeterni often tested always faithful brothers forever ****** usmc 26th meu ****** motor transport section team motto 100% pure whoopass!! god bless and protect defenders of freedom proud our son is a united states marine these colors dont run god bless america .

From : s miller

is it alright to use rtv here instead of buying the gasket .