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GVW ???

From : tom lawrence

Q: i put a aux tranny cooler and a temp sensor on a few months ago but my tranny gets up to 220f. is that bad it seem awefully warm nate typically transmission temperature should run about 10% hotter than engine temp. under towing conditions it may go higher but should come back down quickly once you get back on level ground. bullshit typical pan temps are around 170-180 with radiator cooler about 60 over ambient with a large external cooler .


From : a j s

took truck to dealer in order to have them perform warranty replacement of catalytic converter. drove off lot engine light came on immediately. took it back diagnosis was bad o2 sensor. replaced plus labor at over $150. yeah they got you good. from what i hear that if you make changes on the engine that can affect the exhaust output spark plugs converter etc it can confuse the computer and make it think there is a problem. i once changed my plugs and the check engine light went off after that. code indicated bad catylist. the code was deleted and the check engine light has not come back on. took truck to dealer 2 years later in order to have them perform warranty replacement of catalytic converter. drove off lot high pitched whistle comes from vehicle when truck downshifts. took it back diagnosis your exhaust hanger is broken and needs replacement. exhaust is leaking out of the pipe. replaced plus labor at over $100. er .

From : dick

mac davis wrote on tue 15 jul 2003 145923 gmt roy wrote vacation has arrived.waited all year for this!! am i going anywhere no friggin way! the addition project that started in jan is wrapping up these next two weeks so i gotta be around. ill grab one day next week for a trip to maine but thats it. while im whining no pool either. what really pisss me off is that red was right. okay im done. roy roy... if ya can spare a few days id really recommend trying what my wife & i did last weekend... get on the web and look for hotel deals in your area.... we got a great room that shoulda been $175 a night for $130 for 2 nights... it was about 20 miles from home but nobody knew where we were going... no phones kids pets etc... just 2 days together on the cheap.. you deserve it bro!! sounds like you two were having a second honey moon dale that was years and years ago.g called getting away from all of lifes bs for a couple of days of course our furry buddy goes away for a few days with the machine. roy .