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Future RT Buyers, was Chevy Colorado vs Dodge Dakota

From : trey

Q: i would wait for the 5.7 hemi dak rt i just hope they dont butcher the dak too much with the redesign. for some reason they always make the cars and trucks just a little bit bigger every time they redesign them. one of the big selling points for me with the dak for me was that it was not as big as the ram or silverado but still bigger than the tacoma. this brings an interesting question...with the introduction of the hemi in ram a new durango coming out shortly and rumors of a v10 ram 505 sport truck will d/c offer a dakota rt for 2004 if they dont add the hemi and if they do is anyone in the market to buy it considering what else is or will be available just curious jason on thu 04 sep 2003 014700 gmt jason purcell wrote i think theyll have to hemify the dak and durango soon or drop the r/t model... i dont think theyll put 5.9 in them for long... if they still are they should make the 5.7 hemi the standard engine and then make a 5.9 hemi for the rt - .