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Fuel Prices, Sat Aug 30th, update.

From : cbhvac

Q: mike..sorry to piggyback but yours is the only one left on my server.. filled up the van today....yesterday it was $1.55 here and $1.40 for reg unlead a few miles up... today it was $1.34 here and $1.21 a few miles up.... the drop has started again....gotta love cheap gas... just filled up mommas car here in stl and regular unleaded is $1.58/9 and fuel for the cummins is $1.38/9..... sweeeet..... ^ mike i is the highest jump since 1964 i believe. here in iowa i just filled up at $1.69 is it just me or has this past week had the quickest increase in prices for the past year last saturday i filled my truck for $1.47 in nj. this week its up to $1.67 for name brand gas and $1.59 for no-name regular. .