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Front end creak Was: Re: tic, tic?

From : jmc

Q: nobody actually i think the noise is more of a short creak. its definitely heat related in some way when we got underway this morning & it was relatively cool hardly any creaks but as the day and the truck warmed up it was more noticeable. and it happens when the truck first starts moving too like from a stoplight. i would like to have some clue what to suggest to the mechanic when i bring it in. will be a new shop essentially since its been 5 years and like to go in sounding like i know something so they dont take advantage cause im a grrrl. id like to avoid some jiffy lube wannabe telling me my flux capacitor needs to be replaced jmc suddenly without warning jmc exclaimed 7/30/2008 624 pm my truck is making a noise again. its worse now though. its a sort of metal-sounding tic that i can hear and feel through the steering and sometimes brake and clutch. used to only happen when i turn left now i feel/hear it accelerating and braking. might have a frame component cause ive heard it when the front tires go over bumps but not always. in the past this was a seasonal thing - it gets better when the weather gets colder. any idea what this could be oh. truck is a 2001 dodge dakota 4x4. sometimes i forget were not all regulars here jmc .