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Front Axle Universals ?

From : sackiss

Q: the 10th annual blessing of the cars car show is back!!! when july 262003 where the show will be held in hansen dam park in los angelessylmar. time general public is welcome from 9 am to 5 pm registration pre 1968 cars can pre register for the show for 15.00 the day of the show registration is 20.00 the general public is 5.00 kids under 12 are free free general admission parking there will be hundreds of classic cutoms streetrod hotrods trucks motorcycles as well as bands playing rockabilly surf rock swing and punk all day. beautiful trophy girls in the fashions of the 50s speedway set will award trophies to winners in their classes at the end of the show. during the show old car movies will play in the movie tent and the car art gallery is open to the public as well. if you want to take home a few goodies the vender area is packed with all sorts of interesting vintafge and hotrod stuff! a raffle for an engine and ither great prizes will be awarded throughout the day. if you get hungry at the show there is plenty of great food in the vender area. and for those of you interested a real live priest will bless yer ride! you can register online or buy advanced tickets by going to the website at and click on contact or email. there are maps available on the website also. if you want more info please email .


From : tom lawrence

ill have to second what bryan just posted. ive seen too many platinum/split-fire plugs cause rough idle miss or drop in mileage to suggest using them. denny have seen many problems with putting anything but what is called for by the emisions sticker. if the vehicle was not engineered for platinum plugs there is a good chance you are going to cause some wierd side affects like poor gas mileage or run rough or misfires at idle. i have also seen problems with the champion truck spark plugsthe black and gold ones causing similar problems. should have spent the eight dollars and got the champs copper plugs. good luck bryan just did a routine tune up and decided to give these new fangled bosch +4 platinum plugs a try. they have twice the spark and the gap is pre-set at the factory. they were pretty expensive 8 of them was $30 at walmart. it seems to me my mpg has dropped quite a bit. i have not calculated it but it just seems this last tank of gas went awful quick. does anyone else have experience with these plugs good or bad i am thinking i may need to go back to champion plugs. mark .