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From one turkey to another

From : denny

Q: happy thanksgiving!! ...over the river and thru the woods... to grandmothers house we go....... jus dont ferget to turn on yer heated seats..... ;^ happy thanksgiving and gods blessings to all...... mike .


From : beekeep

happy thanksgiving!! same to ya fur face!! wondering do rabbits eat turkey g roy .

From : dale yonz

in a way yes since it is in fact another radiator. actually it is in itself a miniature cooling system that is for the most part independent of the radiator and bypassing the thermostat. if you have replaced the thermostat then it is looking more and more like the radiator or cooling fan as the source of your problems. if you are sure that the cooling fan is operating properly and there is nothing wrong with the radiator hoses such as a collapsing lower hose it almost has to be the radiator. iirc you did say that this is a used vehicle and if so the original owner may have dumped a shit load of stop leak into it at one time or may have neglected the system to the point that the tubes are plugged with rust and debris. i would bring the radiator to a radiator shop and let them clean it and look it over for potential problems. -- if at first you dont succeed youre not cut out for skydiving wrote if it were a flow problem due to the pump turning on the heater would have little to no effect. agreed & turning on the heater effectively makes the radiator *bigger* right -- if at first you dont succeed youre not cut out for skydiving beekeep wrote the fins in the water pump are just sheet metal and they corrode off until there is little left and are unable to move enough fluid. thanks seems like the flow is okay though. per the guy who flushed the radiator. what you need to do is determine what is happening. either the radiator is getting too hot or it isnt. its that simple. when the engine is overheating there should be a lot of hot air coming from the fan and if you rev the engine the fan should roar. if the air is just warm the radiator is not hot. before you start laughing if the radiator is not hot its a problem with water flow. water pump collapsed hose plugged radiator or thermostat. if the radiator is hot its a problem with air flow. al .

From : dale yonz

my wipers a totally screwed up. set on the lowest intermittent setting and they will work normally for 2 or 3 swipes then its like theyve switched into low mode. no pause in between swipes the pattern seems totally random and this will happen at all levels of intermittent. sometimes when on intermittent mode they will just stop working all together. basically as if power was shut off to the vehicle while the wiper is still in mid-swipe on the windshield. anyone seen this before or know if its a quick fix .

From : fmb

hi all if this is ot i really apologize. im looking for a project truck. basically im looking for 1. 1990-1998 2. 250/2500 3. cummins of course 4. 4x4 5. extended cab 6. straight body - never had moderate or major damage 7. blown engine and/or blown tranny im in the southeast. where would be a good place to pick up a beast like this .

From : roy

happy thanksgiving!! same to ya fur face!! wondering do rabbits eat turkey g rabbits eat anything that smells good.... denny .

From : mike simmons

have you checked the weather reports besides ups overnight includes a lot of time at -35f like in an unheated plane cargo bay at altitude so hot or not theyd be cold cold cold. dont get too close to that smoker or somebody might be tempted to smoke a bunny. happy t-day to all!!! budd .

From : azwiley1

if the rabbit eats a turduckin chicken in a duck in a turkey does that make him a turduckinbit or a raturduckin another thought thatll keep the great minds of this group pondering for hours...... denny .

From : denny

the 7-way connecter on my 05 ram 2500 does not have power on the positive pin in ther connector. as such i get no charging of my trailer battery when i am hooked up. what gives what do i have to do to get this pin powered its supposed to. first check the 20a fuse in the integrated power module used to be called a power distribution center - but whats in a name. its fuse #19. you can download the factory wiring diagram for your truck from here http// .

From : stephen harding

i just jost my 05 ram daytona w/ hemi. does it have variable cylinder firing based on performance demand this feature was on our old international diesel tractors and worked great. then we seen it in our cadillac cars which worked fine. if the demand going down the highway only requires 4 cylinders of spark and fuel effectively this should reduce fuel consumption. with 411 miles and cruise set at 65 mpg on level highway with avg economy is 17.8 mpg. not too bad for a full size ram 4x4. .

From : denny

on thu 24 nov 2005 100448 +0100 steve lusardi wrote charles what lift pump did you buy it clearly is not the original one as 15 psi is twice the normal pressure. many of us have the same problem. my 01 idles at 13psi and on the road 9psi. i installed a mechanical type gauge at the suggestions of members of this group. might be that the earlier pumps were not the same as the later ones. de ----== posted via - unlimited-unrestricted-secure usenet ==---- http// the #1 group service in the world! 120000+ groups ----= east and west-coast server farms - total privacy via encryption =---- .