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Q: thought you would be interested in this lets you take long urls like http// brooklyn&state=ny&zipcode=11223&submit=get+map and turn it into this http// how many times have you received an email with a huge link to a url or had to send one to someone causing the recipient to have to cut and paste it back together bittyurl eliminates that problem. create a bitty url that wont break in email postings and will never expire. if you have a page at http// you can use the url http// and entering this url in your browser will redirect you to the page in your website. if you are posting somewhere and you dont want folks to know what the actual url is then you can type a url into bittyurl and your affiliate link will be hidden from the visitor just the address and the ending address will be visible to your visitors. its free no popup ads no spyware nothing. have fun. http// posted via premium usenet group services ---------------------------------------------------------- ** speed ** retention ** completion ** anonymity ** ---------------------------------------------------------- http// .