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From : bob

Q: mainly an attitude of we know whats best for you and in the case of those in colorado we got here first and weve got ours the rest of you stay the hell out! sometimes the best for you crap is backed up by fact and sometimes it isnt. i dont know what you are referring to by those in colorado. ford and the other car makers are producing those pieces of shit to shut the enviros up..........never mind that theyre losing their corporate asses on each one it looks good to the greenies who wont buy them either if you believe this i suggest that you pull your head out of the sand and look around a little. we are using energy at an ever in creasing rate and the time will come when we need to come up with a newer source or a more efficient way to use what we have. hell just look at what is happening in phoenix az now with that broken pipe line. lines and pricing like the gas crisis of the 70s. if you think that something like that cant happen everywhere again you are only fooling yourself. the american car companies lost massive ground during the last gas crisis because they were not prepared only had gas guzzlers and the japanese companies were. ford is building these cars because the japanese makers are already getting good at building them and they know that they have to as well to remain competitive and not to get caught with their pants around their ankles again. they could give a rats ass about what the greenies think. -- if at first you dont succeed youre not cut out for skydiving .