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FYI...Full Size Door Weatherstripping

From : dumbneasy

Q: nate what your drive-train / suspension sees is a combination load camper and all your supplies for the duration plus the the tongue load. thats all your food water clothes bedding and any other necessities and then add the weight of the slide-in plus the tongue weight of the trailer. combined its very easy to overload the truck and not realize it. think back when i moved from co to ut. i ended up with a load that was 1k lbs over the axle gross rating after i dumped all the stuff i could and some i couldnt. i should have rented a u-haul truck not a trailer and towed the d-150 my suggestion get a good used motorhome. you would have more room and still be able tow your trailers . . just not to the off-road campsites. around here a lot of off-road vehicles are towed in with ordinary motorhomes if you call 50 footers ordinary which get parked near the area of activity then the atv jeeps whatever are unloaded. -- budd cochran i want to be able to load up the entire family and head out into the mountains for atv/ruv/mx riding weekends. my goal is to get a camper and since well be taking 2 atvs and 4 dirt bikes we need to tow my 18 enclosed trailer http// which limits us to a slide in type camper. ive been looking at a few different models and brands and the only ones that appear big enough for all of us are the slide ins with overhang over the rear bumper. i dont know much about these setups and how they work in relation to trailer towing. my trailer is 3000 pounds empty. add the atv/ruv/mx and gear and im looking at somewhere around 6000 pounds with probably 600 pounds of tongue weight. i have the stock class iv hitch on my tow rig http// and i dont know if it could safely support 600 pounds of tongue weight on a 3 or 4 foot hitch extension. any knowledgeable advice on this would be greatly appreciated. are there any other concerns i should be aware of any reason why i should be concerned about hauling a 3500 pound camper in the back of the truck while simultaneously towing up to 10000 pounds any camper specific recommendations how about a good camper dealer thanks -- nathan w. collier http// http// http// http// .