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FS; Tailgate

From : bjorn sunde

Q: on thu 08 dec 2005 011816 gmt tom lawrence wrote so they dont make truly stainless steel exhaust systems that dont rust at all its physically impossible to produce an alloy of steel that never rusts. however - higher quality stainless steels will resist rusting better than lower quality ones. the goal of the automaker is to produce an exhaust system that doesnt rot through for the life of the vehicles warranty. given that the maximum lifetime of that warranty is 7 years or 100000 miles biggest service contract you can buy the fact that your 4-year-old exhaust is starting to show signs of surface rust and im sure thats all it is id say its perfectly normal. as has been stated there are many kinds of stainless. they have different qualities. those that take a beautiful shine and are virtually corrosion resistant dont take kindly to the heat and vibration. cracked exhaust systems are worse than rust stained exhaust systems. the biggest problem with factory stainless systems is the joints are mig welded with what is basically a mild steel wire so the welds rust off. .