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FS: A Set of Chrome Nurf Bars **REVISED**

From : z duz it 75147

Q: wrong no codes. they believe it to be wire but we do not have access to a wiring diagram. any advice would be greatly appreciated. thanks look under the dash and find the 16-pin connector. ground pin #13 black wire for a second and watch the abs light. it should blink out the fault code. im not sure if the ignition needs to be on or not for this so try it both ways. you should get between 2 and 15 flashes. do it a couple of times to verify that you counted the flashes correctly. does the light come on immediately when starting the truck or do you have to drive for a bit before it lights up here are the codes and their meanings 2 open isolation valve wiring or bad control module 3 open dump valve wiring or bad control module 4 closed rwal valve switch 5 over 16 dump pulses generated 2wd only 6 erratic speed sensor reading while rolling 7 ecm fuse pellet open isolation output missing or valve wiring shorted to ground 8 dump output missing of valve wiring shorted to ground 9 speed sensor wiring/resistance usually high reading 10 rear wheel sensor wiring/resistance usually low reading 11 brake switch always on - rwal light comes on after 40mph 12 not used 13 ecm pll failure 14 ecm program check failure 15 ecm ram failure .