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From : mdming

Q: comparing the 2nd generation with the 3rd genration is comparing apples and oranges. i think youll be amazed at the ride quality and handling of the new dodge. i can tell you what i did. traded in my 02 sierra 1500 4.8l extended cab 4 dr on an 03 dodge ram 1500 quad cab hemi. soooo glad i did. the hemi is a great engine and my last tankful not towing came out to 15 mpg. thats better than the sierra did in the first 1000 miles. the quad cab is much better than the extended cab. the doors open wide and you never get trapped in between clamshell doors while in a parking lot. hd in ny hd is your ram a 4x4 my 96 was and it rode like a truck imagine that. it had the 360cid and eventually got up to 17mpg from 15mpg. my gmc z71 ext. cab sb has the 5.3l and 4x4 and rides much better and averages 19mpg. still the attraction of a new truck and a hemi is very strong. im in my mid fifties young enough to like trucks with lots of hp but old enough to want a reasonably smooth ride. i guess i should go drive one but i hate to have to deal with the sales people until im sure i want to trade. thanks for the reply dave .