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Exhaust Bolts

From : nirodac

Q: i could not get any codes to flash. i have the 4 wheel abs. usually the abs light goes out right after starting. the brake light goes out a little while later. 10-30 min later they both come back on. its not related to speed. ive checked the brake and clutch switches. the cruise will always turn on but will never engage. vacuum is good. can anybody help thanks. david burton wrote do i do this with the engine running or just the ignition on i think all the lights are on with just the ignition on. they go out after then engine is running a few seconds. i see the connector mounted just under the steering column. i have 4w abs with front wheel sensors and one on the rear differential. i do have oscilloscopes and so forth but no special purpose auto diagnostic tools. thanks david b tom lawrence wrote thats some good info. ive checked all the brake clutch and ebrake switches and all seem good. how do i test the abs sensors i think theres one on each wheel hub or something like that. it depends on whether you have four-wheel abs or rear-wheel anti-lock. do you have a big pump with brake lines running to it sitting on top of the drivers inner fender wheel or do you just have the master cylinder and a little thin black box mounted vertically next to it if you have the pump you have four wheel abs and have three speed sensors - one on each front hub and one in the rear axle on top of the differential. testing these is difficult for the home mechanic - you need an ocilloscope or a factory diagnostic computer. if it turns out you have rear-wheel antilock only things get easier. first you only have one sensor - in the rear differential. secondly being a 96 model year you can do some basic computer diagnostics. find the 16-pin connector at the bottom of the dash underneath the steering wheel. take a piece of wire and ground pin #13 black wire to the lower dash frame. the abs light should flash a code at you - first one long flash then several short flashes. count the flashes and post back what you get do it a few times and make sure you count the same number each time. im actually betting you get 11 flashes - indicating the brake switch is always on. the abs light will come on when you hit 40mph. this would also explain why your cruise fails to engage. .


From : tom lawrence

wk1ta.104374$ roy wrote hooked up with denny and his family who were at old orchard beach me. sue and i took a drive up this afternoon had an enjoyable meal and shot the shit for a few hours. now i promised him i wouldnt cheap shot him as he is away from his putor. but if asked certain questions i will try to answer them.g roy is it true that denny really wears a skirt he was not wearing one at the beach or at supper. i did notice a pink furry garment hanging in his van though. roy what did you have to eat rabbit maybe that pink furry thing was what was left after den skinned the rabbit that you guys had for a meal dale .

From : dave

so far basic mileage has been up accelration mileage still worse but it was that way ith no muffler as well until i got a few hundred miles on it. the gibson super truck sounds great. it didnt quite fit up as well as it shoudl have according to the sheet but it worked. there is a tiny stopper that had to be taken off the existing head pipe but it twists off with a pare of vice grips. i also had to make a lower hole in one of the hanger rubbers to get it to match up. it also seems an inch or two should be taken off the head pipe to make the exhaust sit farther up from the wheel but i have the 20s so maybe they didnt think of that. but the sound is great not stupid loud but deep and clean with a few more dbs. i alos found swapping the tips and angling them makes for a much nicer look than intended use i will et some pics if anyone wants them. doing ti my way without cutting the head pipe only takes maybe an hour at most for the old one off and the new on. great price as well 295 at summit. i pay tax for pickup making it in the 3teens i dont know about shipping but there is an online site with free shipping at 295. i definitely reccomend it. i cant wait for my intake and headers to get here a well airram and jba. i bought a gibson supertruck yesterday today i took my muffler and tailpipe off. only took 10/15 minutes. i had to hear it no muffler so i started it up. wow. amazing. you should all try it yourselves it such a quick thing. so i decided to leave it that way for the night. it has gotten faster every minute. top end power on the highway is so much better. im finally getting some low end improvements too as i have about 20 or so miles with no muffler. its great. i will tell you how the supertruck sounds when i get it on but i am enjoying no muffler at the moment. its too loud for the neighbors though so i wont keep it this way long but i am headed to the dsm shootout in the morning and may drive it that way there. well see but in the meantime best 15 minutes ive ever spent. .

From : nirodac

might i add do a websearch on uhaul nightmares customer service and the like and you will find hundreds of sites...mine used to be one of them.... thanks for the story. i wonder how many customers uhaul has lost now because of us reading nates letter. i hope all of them......and not for punitive reasons but to save themselves a whole lotta hurt. -- nathan w. collier http// .

From : gary r garant

probably still settling in but some of us do miss his posts. .

From : yofuri

my two 12v plugs one in the dash and one in the rear dont work. i have checked all the fuses and they all look good. but i am not getting any juice to them. has anyone else run in to this problem and what was fix thanks sam .

From : redneck tookover hell

josh try this link. it shows step by step what to do. easy job. http// 41-824+0e.htm&framed= thanks for the link ill check out the dealers parts department later today. j .

From : nirodac

hey all just got the 2500 quad hemi. any suggestions on what to throw on it for improved gas mileage and hp or any suggestions on other things for the truck traded in our 02 dakota for it and man lots more room and power!! thanks jason. long tube headers. air intake cat back exhaust powerdyne supercharger .

From : greg surratt

should have a sttel crank. .

From : gary r garant

why not just unplug the a/c compressor. then the unit will free wheel and you save on gas and the belt change. - it so happens that i do not use air conditioning in my truck. i like being warm. 100 degrees feels like wonderful weather to me. if i reroute the belt to bypass the a/c will i save any $$ on gas i .