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Edffects of overloading truck??

From : pinehollow

Q: as said by others they are politicians and they say what they must. with the feelings of most americans after 9/11 and the bogus intel being presented to america about the dangers of saddam and the outright lies where the right wing spun it to make it look like saddam was somehow involved in 9/11 what choice did they have. http// * iraqi defectors had been saying for years that saddams regime trained non-iraqi arab terrorists at a camp in salman pak south of baghdad. u.n. inspectors had confirmed the camps existence including the presence of a boeing 707. defectors say the plane was used to train hijackers; the iraqi regime said it was used in counterterrorism training. sabah khodada a captain in the iraqi army worked at salman pak. in october 2001 he told pbss frontline about what went on there. training is majorly on terrorism. they would be trained on assassinations kidnapping hijacking of airplanes hijacking of buses public buses hijacking of trains and all other kinds of operations related to terrorism. . . . all this training is directly toward attacking american targets and american interests. but the bush administration said little about salman pak as it demonstrated links between iraq and al qaeda. according to administration sources some detainees who provided credible evidence of other links between iraq and al qaeda including training in terrorism and wmd insist they have no knowledge of salman pak. khodada the iraqi army captain also professed ignorance of whether the trainees were members of al qaeda. nobody came and told us this is al qaeda people he explained but i know there were some saudis there were some afghanis. there were some other people from other countries getting trained. * on february 13 2003 the government of the philippines asked hisham al hussein the second secretary of the iraqi embassy in manila to leave the country. according to telephone records obtained by philippine intelligence hussein had been in frequent contact with two leaders of abu sayyaf an al qaeda affiliate in south asia immediately before and immediately after they detonated a bomb in zamboanga city. that attack killed two filipinos and an american special forces soldier and injured several others. hussein left the philippines for iraq after he was pngd--declared persona non grata--by the philippine government and has not been heard from since. according to a report in the christian science monitor an abu sayyaf leader who planned the attack bragged on television a month after the bombing that iraq had contacted him about conducting joint operations. philippine intelligence officials were initially skeptical of his boasting but after finding the telephone records they believed him. * no fewer than five high-ranking czech officials have publicly confirmed that mohammed atta the lead september 11 hijacker met with ahmed khalil ibrahim al-ani an iraqi intelligence officer working at the iraqi embassy in prague five months before the hijacking. media leaks here and in the czech republic have called into question whether atta was in prague on the key dates--between april 4 and april 11 2001. and several high-ranking administration officials are agnostic as to whether the meeting took place. still the public position of the czech government to this day is that it did. that assertion should be seen in the context of attas curious stop-off in prague the previous spring as he traveled to the united states. atta flew to prague from germany on may 30 2000 but did not have a valid visa and was denied entry. he returned to germany obtained the proper paperwork and took a bus back to prague. one day later he left for the united states. even as the critics withhold the basis for their allegations evidence on the other side is piling up. ansar al-islam--the al qaeda cell formed in june 2001 that operated out of northern iraq before the war notably attacking kurdish enemies of saddam--has stepped up its activities elsewhere in the country. in some cases say national security officials ansar is joining with remnants of saddams regime to attack americans and nongovernmental organizations working in iraq. there is some reporting unconfirmed at this point that the recent bombing of the u.n. headquarters was the result of a joint operation between baathists and ansar al-islam. and there are reports of more direct links between the iraqi regime and bin laden. farouk hijazi former iraqi ambassador to turkey and saddams longtime outreach agent to islamic fundamentalists has been captured. in his initial interrogations hijazi admitted meeting with senior al qaeda leaders at saddams behest in 1994. according to administration officials familiar with his questioning he has subsequently admitted additional contacts including a meeting in late 1997. hijazi continue


From : mac davis

i want to change my engine coolant and found this article http// it talks about installing the t-fitting in the heater-inlet hose that runs from the firewall to the top of the engine. i have one heater hose which runs on the driver side to the firewall and one that runs on the passenger side. i suspect the one on the passenger side to be the inlet hose that i need to install the t-fitting in. am i right with that the passenger side is the hot supply from the engine the driver side is return. .

From : mac davis

tom lawrence wrote thanks i was wondering about the fan... it seems slow to me but it is turning. but this is my first clutch-fan ive had vehicles with electric fans otherwise. any specific tests i can do with the engine running at operating temp watch the fan as someone shuts the engine off. if it stops turning almost immediately the clutch is doing its job and is engaged. if it freewheels for a while the clutch is shot and needs to be replaced. did this & the fan seems okay. when the van overheats sitting at idle for a few minutes with the heater going full-blast does bring the temperature gauge back down to the middle. i had the radiator flushed; seemed like the thermostat must be working right it did open. guess im starting to suspect the radiator itself even though it looks to be in good condition. .

From : pinehollow

tom i have considered a fass but i have no experience myself with one. since you now run one you must have done some homework on which one delivers the most bang for the buck. i have been playing with the simple idea of using a commercial pump a strainer and a fine particulate large capacity filter. i believe i can find these as new old ex military stock locally as an alternative solution. i think half the problem is line size. it really is too small. please enlighten me with your experiece. i dont particlarly want to reinvent the wheel. steve common rail pump by allowing it to cavitate. there apparently is no low fuel pressure detection with this truck. undoubtedly this is the cause of so many pump failures we all hear about. well yes but no. the 2nd gen trucks 98.5 to 02 with the vp44 pump are very sensitive to lack of fuel. the cp3 pump on the common-rail trucks is much more tolerant of low fuel pressure and failure of these pumps have been very few and far between compared to the vp44 failures. however - you just found out how barely adequate the stock fuel pump is for these engines. when adding power upgrades that deliver more fuel you really need to do something about the fuel system to keep the cp3 fed with fuel. i would highly suggest one of the available pusher pump kits for your truck. a normal running pressure of 6psi doesnt leave a lot of room for error. to compare i run a fass system on my truck which idles at 17psi and at wot with about 600hp wont drop below about 12psi. .

From : bob

the mercury dropped last night and this morning was sheer bliss! with the touch of a button my tush was toasty warm in minutes.... life is good! mike just took wifes mini van in to have the tush toaster replaced because of a recall. also hoping to get the serpentine belt fixed sos it dont keep coming off 5 times in 8 months yup those heated seats do seem to be a girl thing. vbg roy .

From : nesafety

jph wrote they may have been going 35 at the time they applied their brakes but it sure doesnt look like the damage to your vehicle was caused by a vehicle going 35 at the time of impact! did they write those estimates in their police report that would surprise me because they dont normally go to the expense and trouble of calculating estimated speed unless a fatality was involved. it takes a lot more to estimate speed than just measuring skid marks. for an actual assessment they need to weigh the load check the brakes on the tow vehicle and trailer measure the tread take tire samples check the air pressure in the tires check the air temperature humidity and check the friction quotient of the asphalt or driveway surface if they want it to hold up in court. they dont normally do that for fender-benders. youre absolutely correct. a unloaded 1/2 ton truck traveling 20 mph will skid approximately 25 feet in a panic stop. if this truck had a trailer hooked to it then skid marks will tell absolutely nothing as far as his actual speed. especially if he only had a few feet to skid anyways from a parking lot entrance into the traffic lane. tom pointed that out in his first post but decided to change his tune when it was time for lets fuck with tbone again. with my truck i have a dead spot on the passenger side from the side mirror and several times i have almost pulled out in front of someone when the timing was just right. it could be just what it is....... a accident and calling the other guy a moron when you dont really know the circumstances is stupid. the only thing some of you people are interested in here is just another stupid pissing thread with as usual max leading the charge. grow up............ jerry .