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Edelbrock Non-EGR vs. EGR Intakes

From : clo

Q: probably because the 1500 drive train is not up to the extra power and the abuse that will come from it. -- if at first you dont succeed youre not cut out for skydiving thought i would jump into this with my question. i have a 97 1/2 ton 4x4 with 5.9 and overdrive auto. i looked on the mopar performance web site for a performance computer and didnt see one. did i just miss it or did they skip this year for some reason theyve discontinued many of the 4x4 performance computers for some reason. check with these guys - they can get em http// .


From : redneck tookover hell

actually gm learned this from chrysler so they can survive buddy of mine that just bought a chevy trailblazer said that dealing with his dealer was also very pleasant. chrysler will learn this to survive. .