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Q: the 2000 model i have snaps off. there are approximatley 12-15 clips attached to the black bezel that i think you are trying to remove. i started mine by slipping a small thin blade screwdriver between the dash and the bezel above and to the right of the radio. it pops out quite easily. just make sure you work it slowly and one clip at a time. re-installing you need to make sure all the clips came off with the bezel and none are stuck in the dash. if all clips are in place it is a snap to put it back in.i will be re-removing mine this weekend also to access the radio plug and add a cd changer. good luck! i have a 2002 dodge dakota. i need to remove the portion of the dash that surrounds the raido/temp. controls and extends to the drivers side door. even after removing the screws it still wont come out. i dont want to just start pulling on it. are there any hidden screws that im missing or is there some trick to saking it out .