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Q: tom no i do not have to drive it. light goes on immediately. did what you said and it flashed 9 according to what you said the codes means it has a bad speed sensor wiring/resistance. now not to be stupid but is that the sensor that is on top of the rearend pumpkin with only a two wire plug on it....thank you very much for the info by the way. the speed sensor on your truck is an electronic module either in the end of the transmission tailshaft for 2wd trucks or in the transfer case for 4wd trucks. the sensor in the rear diff. is the rear wheel speed sensor - for your model year it is used only by the abs controller to detect rear-wheel lockup or pending lockup. strange that the brake controller would report the speed sensor as bad yet you didnt indicate any problems with your speedometer. this could possibly by a break in the wiring from the speed sensor to the brake controller. the pcm has its own input from the speed sensor so im assuming the output is spliced somewhere to also feed the abs controller. i dont have a factory wiring diagram for your year truck so im afraid i cant offer any more specific information than that. if youre friendly with a local dealership service dept. id go down there and ask if you can photocopy the wiring diagrams from a 1996 service manual to show you the exact connections between the vehicle speed sensor and the brake controller then take it from there. .