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Durango Calipers

From : j dan jones

Q: out from the pistons on the front brake calipers of 99 4x4 durango. can they be rebuilt or should i replace the whole caliper. they can but its often easier quicker and even cheaper to just buy a set of remanufactured calipers these have already been rebuilt. they should run about $30 a piece and there will be a core charge for you to return your old calipers. you can often save a little more by buying loaded calipers - meaning they also come with pads. as far as where to purchase any auto parts store will do. but - that aside... brake pad material falling out from the pistons isnt a reason to replace the caliper. the piston is steel and its hollow - it will collect brake material as the pads wear. the only reason to replace a caliper is if its leaking around the seals or if its sticking and causing brake drag. .


From : bob

sorry now that i check it was $160 wholesale. charles. charles wrote steve the box says genuine cummins parts on it. it is cpa0144172 kit pump 3990082. it was about $140 wholesale. i bought it from cummins in henderson co near denver 8211 96th avenue or thereabouts. lets see how long this pump lasts! charles steve lusardi wrote charles what lift pump did you buy it clearly is not the original one as 15 psi is twice the normal pressure. many of us have the same problem. i seriously looked into the f.a.s.s. solution like tom lawence did but i found $600 too rich for my blood. so on ebay i bought a detroit diesel fuel processor with heater a bmw 30 amp relay and a procomp. 140 gph 14 psi fuel pump that i will piece together for a similar solution. my total cost not counting connectors hoses and labor will be $240 so im not displeased. my only concern is the suitability of the pump as it is designed for gasoline. steve first thanks for all your help and advice. to recap i recently bought a 2001 dodge 24v quad cab long bed td. i had a pressure guage installed on the lift pump to monitor pressure. it was installed between the lift pump and filter. it registered around 7.5 psi at idle varied by +/- 1 psi or so and would drop to 3 2 or even 1 psi while under very moderate power empty truck not pushing it. i bought a pump and filter around $180 with tax from cummins. replacing the pump was not that bad a job. using a furniture pad to kneel on i used a 14 mm socket to remove the bolt holding the retainer for the intake fuel hose a 17 mm ratcheting wrench to remove the intake and output hoses being careful to save the gaskets! then finally a 13 mm socket to remove the 3 bolts holding the pump. i had to use an 11 mm wrench to hold one of the studs as it came loose from the pump and finally it came out of the pump and a tiny vise-grip came to the rescue holding the stud while removing the nut. of course you need to unplug and reconnect the electrical! installation the reverse of removal went much more smoothly than removal except for losing the 8mm bolt that holds the retainer for the intake hose but i bought another from the local hardware store so we are ok again. i replaced the filter too as it was 15k ago. i filled the filter reservoir with diesel fuel and when i started the engine i maintained 2000 rpm to keep it from stalling it did not try to stall. now the pressure is 15 psi at idle and i cannot so far get it to drop below 10 psi. it seems my investment in gauges has saved me a $2k repair bill for the main injection pump! so we watch the gauges and wait for the next time... charles .

From : j dan jones

thanks for the tip and the resource on the web .

From : pj

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From : tom lawrence

sounds more like parts of the piston are breaking off. you can buy them too. last time i replaced the brakes/rotors i noticed chips of ceramic falling out from the pistons on the front brake calipers of 99 4x4 durango. can they be rebuilt or should i replace the whole caliper. im getting ready to do another pad/rotor replacement and figured this would be the time. where would the best value to get parts or replacements. -- j. dan jones iii virginia peninsula car club council vintage chevrolet club of america #41139 corvair society of america tidewater corvair club steel city classics .