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Durango - Windows Won't Roll Down

From : mopsie

Q: the blinders. %%%% it is not effecting me or even my children who each have multiple skills. my quality of life continues to improve each year. my income steadily increases yearly but i must admit i had a bad year in 2002 and it only increased $10000. maybe you need to find a different vocation and/or new skills to survive with. as far as my compassion goes i do extensive community service including being a boy scouts advisor and former leader and red cross disaster relief worker. your community service is shooting republicans. care to step into my sights giving back is not one of their strong suits they prefer to be given to. of course occasionally if the press is looking or as a status symbol they might seem to make a gesture. but genuine help why become a leech if youre going to do that sort of thing .


From : jeff

dont take it apart!! first try pressing the power window button down while you or someone else slams the door closed. it mat take several slams but keep the button pressed as the door makes an impact. mine do that about every 10k mi. the motors in the doors bind and this seems to jar them loose. i found out this fix at try searching their forum for future probs. our windows have stopped working on the durango. the drivers window rolls down but all the others wont. i called the local shop and they want to keep it for a few days and check it out. it could be a fuse or electrical problem. i was wondering if anybody had this same problem and fixed it themselves. if so what did you do and was it a simple thing or did you have to tear the door apart i really dont want to give up my durango for a few days if its a simple thing to fix. thanks. .

From : jeramy phillips

on tue 8 jul 2003 212801 -0300 andy collier wrote is there many performance parts out there for the 3.9l v6 engine gheez i hope so the damn thing is a thirsty lame dog out the factory. got a 2003 4x4 a couple months ago. what a pig. .

From : carl saiyed

no fool move! do not bother arguing with this creature guys he is a socialist which = a thief who uses other peoples guns to steal your money and give it to those he decides deserve it! btw we dont have any widget jobs anymore; just wart mart greeters %%%% is being a degreed professional all that they know or is it all they are willing to do ive pumped gas at a service station and flipped burgers with a degree because the money i was getting was more than i would receive sitting on my ass feeling sorry because i didnt have the job i wanted. i had a family to feed and not the time to sit and whine. i guess that is the way i was brought up to be self reliant and not depend on others. oh i see. pride has no place in the equation. %%%% you cant eat pride and if your family need to be fed you need to swollow it and fiind work. the grocery store cannot tell the difference between a dollar made in the stock market from a dollar from recycling soda cans. would you let your family go hungry because you couldnt find an executive job barry no its what do you do when there are no jobs being self reliant doesnt have a damn thing to do with it. there are 1.7 million people out there who cant find work. wart mart isnt going to offer someone with two degrees a job as a greeter. even if they do try supporting a family on $8 an hour youll love the medical benefits too. this country has been pushing towards a service based economy for over a decade. now were stuck with it. a giant third world country.... and yet funny how those with a true work ethic a sense of self-reliance and self-determinism always seem to make it go right even if its by being the type of person everyone *wants* to help. funny how none of the people that ive ever admired and thats a fairly good sized group have ever been in that 6.4%. sure some have been with out jobs for a bit but they had planned ahead to be able to get by and quickly found or created work becuase they are people that solve problems themselves. %%%% they have no concept of what being self reliant is. i have 6 months of food stored and 6 months of money to pay bills set aside for any hard times of mine or close family members. if it even snows hard and the roads are blocked i dont need to go to the store for anything for a long time. what a crock. and what do you do on the seventh month ask your gawd for loaves of bread .

From : mopsie

my 98 2500 cummins qc 4x4 was built in st louis also. 15000 miles replaced crank sensor 23000 miles replaced crank sensor 25000 miles replaced thermostat 59998 miles replaced crank sensor just under warranty 68000 miles replaced crank sensor now at 83000 miles the tranny is slipping out of gear when cold. overall i am extremely happy with my truck after owning a toyota that was in the shop for 6 months waiting for a new block. craig madigan wrote would you agree with the 2003 ram totally negative cr report ive got a 03 ram 1500 regular cab 5.7l hemi with 7000 miles built 12/02 in st. louis mo. so far - both doors not closing properly adjusted at 1500 miles - front brake rotors warped and replaced at 6000 miles - passenger side door seal worn out replaced at 7500 miles - 20 factory wheels needed rebalancing three times already i think all of the above are things that should not happen to a brand new vehicle unless there is a serious quality control/design problem. but oh well its a domestic truck and the hemi kicks a$$ .