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Dumb Carter Carburetor Question

From : matt

Q: on mon 23 jun 2003 204536 -0600 nitpik wrote my truck is my 2000 but somehow it got the 5 spd thats nice but the owners manual or the shop manual does not specify how much atf goes in since it was not an option for the year. i pulled approximately 6 quarts out .. anyone have the recommended qty is this a trick question how much atf .


From : bdk

on sun 22 jun 2003 200003 -0700 miles wrote denny wrote ok now for the dumb question. if you have twin jet engines in afterburner how in the heck do you hold the plane from moving a bunch of big-assed cables anchored in concrete superman on the nose g as far as the noise goes about the loudest thing i have experienced is a modified tractor puller running 2 blown kb motors. the vibration to your chest at wot damn near makes me puke. would that even compare to a jet just curious. when testing jet engine designs they are not installed in a plane. they are attached to a large i-beam which is then pressed up against a load cell force transducer attached to a solid wall. the load cell measures the lbs of thrust. my company is hoping to get the contract for the joint strike fighter program. we produce load cells for this use as well as stress tests on the airframe itself. in answer to dennys question next time they do a special on the carriers on discovery or history channel watch them put an f/a-18 on the catapult. at the front wheel assembly there are two bars. one is in the front that attaches the plane to the shoe that slides down the deck and pulls the plane from 0 to in less than 2 seconds. ive not launched in a jet but i fly off about three times a year in a prop job c-2. its a bigger trip than anything i cold ever hope for in my ram - except for that initial ride around the block when the odometer said 3.2 miles on it. anyways there is also a second bar on the front wheel assembly going towards the rear of the plane called the hold back. also notice the big walls that rise up out of the deck at the rear of the plane. those are jet blast deflectors so not only is the plane run up to full afterburner the thrust is actually hitting the jbds and making extra push instead of just blowing into thin air. same type of hold back devices are used when static testing the engines. they do maintenance on the carriers and run them up to full throttle tied to the deck with i think about 8 sets of chains and the back end aimed off the side of the ship. and occasionally theyll run them up in the hangar bay - all doors closed. imagine trying to sleep one deck up ;- greg emo for commander carrier group four usn we use only one chain very large attached to the holdback fitting on the nose landing gear on the hornets during high power engine runs. .