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Driving glasses

From : heckleti34na

Q: im on my 4th motor in my 99 durango. luckily for me it happened at 32k miles. they replaced the 1st motor and it lasted a day. the 2nd motor got replaced and never made it out of the dealer. the 3rd motor was pulled and a speacialists from hq came down and oversaw the 4th motor going in. i have the 5.2 in mine. i also got a new 3yr 36k mile warranty on the new motor. my wife handled all the phone calls and letters. the more you speak the better they listen although you are out of warranty so thats a problem. my brother who is in the auto biz said he heard that dodge was having failures on the oil pickups and thats what caused these problems. bob to all ill keep a long story short. recently on a trip mycheck gages light came on at a rest area. i checked the oil and it was a little low so i added some. then 50 miles later the oil pressure gauge dropped. i tried to get off the highway but before i could the engine broke down. after replaceing the engine and returning home ive heard that others have had similar problems and that there was a gasket or filter of somesort that caused the engine to burn oil or leak it out but not show any symptoms. has anyone heard of any action being taken against chrysler on this ive spoken to chrysler but because the warrenty has expired they say its not thier problem. dan 1999 durango 55000. .