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Dodge is the ALL AMERICAN truck

From : rt

Q: as much as i love my dodge it was assembled in mexico... rt 97 2500 xlt hd ccswb 5.9 gas hd 5 sp. dodge is the all american truck. and lets keep it that way we are buying too much import crap as it is. cars shirts pants shoes hats all appliances t-vs sound cameras etc. do we make anything some cars that are half import parts and weapons of mass distruction is all i know of. almost all of our medical machines are seimans or such. what we need is the next microwave oven if you like and keep the technology for ourselves and sell it to the whole world. problem is the rest of the world doesnt have many consumers like us. so our government sold us out to the world market and the whole world makes money off of us and we have almost no market to sell to and make money. did you note how many mack trucks there were in iraq lots of mh-613s in the background of the pictures. inventor. .


From : mac davis

bullshit. its damaged. if the pinion was wobbling both bearings are trash. got proof the proof would be found in your extensive knowledge of how bearings work if you had that knowledge. i have probably forgotten more about them then you would ever know and you more than proved that with your total bearing bs in the transmission thread. if the front bearing fails the pinion will wobble regardless of the condition of the rear bearing correct. thus youve proven what i say to be true. it proves nothing. at best it just gives you a little room to spin. yes it should be replaced but it may be just fine and you will never know it until it is removed and inspected. it should be replaced but it may be fine want some butter with that waffle what is wrong with that there is more than just your simpleton on - off logic in the real world. i said that it should be replaced not that it must be replaced. the bearing may in fact be undamaged and completely usable but if you have the proper tools it may just be safer to replace it. 1 you proved what i said to be true by noting that the pinion wobbled. how does that prove anything perhaps you should review some geometry. 2 if the pinion wobbled the rear bearing was not correctly aligned with its race and abnormal wear occurred. as stated above how far out of alignment was it really and how long was it out of alignment the bearing will not instantly self-destruct the second that it goes out of alignment by 1/32 of an inch. 3 you claim the rear bearing should be replaced confirming my words. should and must are too very different words. perhaps you should look them up. in this case id bet replacement is needed. even if the either gear survived itll likely have a nice whine to the gearset under load no matter how well the backlash is set. you really are paranoid. again incorrect. anytime gears do not mesh properly abnormal wear patterns occur. and the contact pattern will show this. while the gearset may appear to be fine to use itll probably make a bit of noise and may have worn badly enough to fail soon after rebuild. lol if the gears are so badly damaged that they will soon fail you will see it well maybe not you. for someone who believes there is a problem with ram rear axles paranoia you certainly seem willing to cut corners on proper repairs. not everybody has the tools required to fully rebuild the rear. sometimes corners can be cut to save money with no undesirable results. since the guy just wanted to further tighten the pinion nut i would assume that money may be a concern to him. you must cost your customers a fortune replacing perfectly good parts. or i save both myself and them a bunch of time and money. given your opinion on the rear axles im surprised you woudlnt want yours rebuild just because. unfortunantly i did rebuild mine and it was not due to just because. a simple cleaning and a contact pattern test will determine the condition of the gears if there is no obvious damage to them and if the contact pattern looks good they will be quiet and save him over $100.00 even if the pattern looks good they may still be noisy. huh lol really please explain this one. why would i say to replace the front bearing and then the entire rear why would you say to replace the rear bearing and then claim it may be fine which you did twice so far what part of the words should or may dont you understand i was referring to the rear bearing and i think that you know that or else you are dumber than i thought. i knew it i just wanted to see if youd get caught in a trap of your own making. iow you are admitting to being a troll well surprise surprise. funny part is you got caught twice. in claiming i am wrong in how i replied to your initial post you confirm that you are full of shit in whether or not to replace the rear pinion bearing. only in your tiny little mind. you first claimed it should be replaced then you claimed not. really where did i do that. i said that it should be replaced although it might be ok. i never said not to replace it. then you asked for proof when i said it should be which as usual you failed to do. then you provided your own proof that it should be replaced. lol only by your limited reasoning. if i didnt screw up and post it before it was even completed i would have made that sentence clear enough for even you to understand. i understood it fine. i wanted you to make a big noise about how wrong i was so you could drive your own nails into the coffin of this bs routine of yours. like i said a troll. nice job. now replace the rear pinion bearing. why its not my rear axle. i have already stated that the axle is a well designed unit but no matter how good the design it will only be as durable as its weakest part. if its a good

From : tbone

got proof if the front bearing fails the pinion will wobble regardless of the condition of the rear bearing yes it should be replaced but it may be just fine and you will never know it until it is removed and inspected. if youre my mechanic and you take my differential apart to replace a bad front pinion bearing and you dont replace the rear bearing no matter how good it looks i find a new mechanic. thats a classic case of penny-wise pound-foolish. if i was repairing an axle for someone else i would replace both of them for no other reason then not having to worry about it later. since it is a bitch to remove if the bearing and its race looked ok and the ring and pinion also looked good on my axle i may just replace the front bearing seal and crush sleeve and leave the rest alone. that reduces the job to about an hour as compared to all day. if the rear still made noise then i would tear it down and fully rebuild it. -- if at first you dont succeed youre not cut out for skydiving .