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Dodge exhaust question (technical)

From : ignoramus12377

Q: thanks feel stupid but i know ive done it easier in my dads ford. ok on the bench itll go. ok the kit comes with a spring clip for the seal itself but there is no visable way to just drop the seal off the bottom and change it. has anyone every had to change this little bugger out whats the deal got to pull the whole shaft out to change the seal yep. its just easier to pull the whole box off the frame and to the job on the bench. .


From : mike simmons

gentlemen a good driver can get better fuel mileage without using cruise control..... heres how...... keep in mind that your cruise control has one objective that is to maintain a set speed. a driver on the other hand who if driving for fuel economy has that objective on his/her mind and can thus take advantage of the natural terrain features and vehicle characteristics to maximize fuel economy. for example when going up hills cruise control will downshift and apply more power to maintain that speed. a driver on the other hand knows that will happen and doesnt mind if the speed drops a bit and thus will let the speed drop rather than have the vehicle downshift. a driver also can anticipate an upcoming hill and thus accelerate slightly to begin the climb at a speed somewhat higher speed knowing that the velocity will drop as the hill is climbed. finally when going down hill cruise control may downshift to maintain a set speed while a careful driver will allow the speed to creep slightly over the desired speed especially when a hill is forthcoming in order to maximize fuel economy. at least for the foreseeable future a driver is still the best way to maximize fuel economy. mike mulatz wrote i have read several posts where people have suggested no using the cruise control to improve gas mileage. whay is that i would have thought that cruise control would help the mileage a little since you are going a steady speed and not accellerating and slowing down as much. even the best drivers can have their speed creep up. thats the way ive always heard it too. however i think its possible to get better fuel economy *without* cc *if* you are paying attention to throttle settings during your entire trip. most peoples attention lapses sometime during a trip and speed falls off or increases without immediate notice only to be corrected again with the result that you burned more gas than needed because you either were going faster than you needed to or slowed to the point of now needing to speed back up. im fairly certain that for most all of us fuel economy will be a little better with the cc on! smh .

From : ignoramus8608

unlax. your heart will love you for it. obviously you missed the great torque wrench debate or you would know how a topic can become the subject of jokes and teases. budd beaming out other brother kevin wrote mac davis wrote on wed 13 aug 2003 012911 gmt denny wrote you dont need no steenkin newton-meter! just use a glass cookie jar like i do that way you can tell at a glance when your newtons are runnin low! ^ mike gad! i just figured that one out. i dont even want to think of a comeback to that one!! bg denny but do ya really figgin care sorry i asked .