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Dodge Viper SRT

From : r de jong

Q: do i understand it right that people with problem trannies did not have a trans cooler. i have 49k miles on my dodge and it has a tranny cooler. so far the transmission is okay. unfortunately i did not change transmission fluid until 48k miles or so. it did look fine however. at times i do tow heavy loads 4000 or so lb boat+trailer but infrequently. i you might first want to install a transmission temp. gauge to determine if you need anything additional. its a good thing to have anyway. you can put an additional cooler on if you feel the need. or put a double deep pan on it and thus increase the amount of fluid. you arent moving much so the pan might do it for ya. it will probably drop the temp15 degrees. i thought about installing the gauge myself... i will also install a drain plug on my transmission pan so that i can change trans fluid easily more often. i will thusly change fluid at every 10000 mile interval every year for me and change fuild plus filter every 20k miles. will make things easier. i will probably do all that next time i change the fluid about a year from now. thanks. i id suggest doing the filter when you do the fluid. it is a short money deal and you can see if anything is going away. roy .